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Red Phoenix Wealth Feng Shui Wallet

Price: $38.99
Price in reward points: 468
Material:  Misc
Weight :  80.00g ( 0.18 lbs)
Dimension :  7.5x4 in (19x10 cm)
SKU:  MFSX958012
Reward Points:  31
Availability:  In Stock
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In 2024, the world transitions from Period 8 to Period 9, marking a significant shift in energy. Period 9, known as the Fire Period, is associated with fame, fortune, transformative changes, fresh opportunities, and increased wealth. This period is also symbolized by the Phoenix.

Embracing the positive energy of Period 9, our Feng Shui store presents this year's exclusive wealth wallet adorned with a magnificent soaring phoenix, perfectly complementing the Dragon, the symbol of the year.

It's a cherished tradition each year to acquire a new wallet, transferring some existing money from your old wallet and adding fresh funds. This ritual signifies the continuous growth of your wealth and prosperity, aligning with the prosperous energy of Period 9.

Inside this special Feng Shui wallet, you'll find a concealed wealth mantra, enhancing the positive financial energies around you. Additionally, it features a convenient side zipper, perfect for storing credit cards, receipts, your ID, or coins. Its sleek, flat design accommodates all currencies, making it an ideal choice for travel. Its slim profile allow you to carry it conveniently without occupying too much space in your bag. Experience the harmony of function and Feng Shui blessings with our exclusive wealth wallet for 2024.

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