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8 Celestial Immortal Feng Shui Plaque
Display the 8 Celestial Immortal Feng Shui Plaque in the center of the home in 2021 where the #..
SKU: MFSX953085
Anti Burglary Plaque With Door Guardians
Those who are plagued by the #7 Robbery/Loss Star in 2021 are strongly advised to turn to the A..
SKU: MFSX951965
Blue Liuli Medicine Buddha for Good Health
The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He is widely worshipped in China and Tibet for his gif..
SKU: MFSX952057
Buddha Vairocana Gold Talisman Card
The most effective method to protect against contagious diseases is believed to be invoking the..
SKU: MFSX952045
Buddha Vairocana Window Sticker (2 Pieces)
The most effective method to protect against contagious diseases is to invoke the blessings of the B..
SKU: MFSX952155
Lou Han Sitting On Dragon Headed Tortoise
The Bejeweled Luo Han on Dragon Tortoise is designed to improve confidence, to bring good strategy f..
SKU: MFSX952185
Luo Han With Crab For Good Strategy and Business Luck
As one of the 18 Chinese saints, the Luo Han depicted with Crab is the deity who brings all forms of..
SKU: MFSX949103
Medicine Buddha and The Seven Sugata Gau
The Medicine Buddha and the 7 Sugata Gau is undoubtedly the most powerful remedy against health issu..
SKU: MFSX952095
Night Spot Protection Talisman Keychain
Specially designed for those who often work late, have a very active nightlife or travel frequently ..
SKU: MFSX951838
Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Plaque for Mentor Luck
Those in search of a mentor or powerful benefactor should consider keeping this lovely Nobleman Gui ..
SKU: MFSX952689
Bejeweled Blue Tara Gau Home Protection Amulet
The Blue Tara is a Goddess believed to conquer illness, disaster, evil spells or enemies, viole..
SKU: MFSX949606
Bejeweled White Tara Gau Home Protection Amulet
White Tara is the GODDESS OF GOOD HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. She is believed to ease the suffering of tho..
SKU: MFSX949614
Black Scorpion Dorje Drolo Home Protection Window Sticker
The Home Protection Stickers feature the Dorje Drolo on Tiger, flanked by two Scorpions. Dorje Drolo..
SKU: MFSX949621
Four Great Heavenly King Stickers (2 pieces)
The Four Heavenly Kings or Gods are the guardians of the world and battlers of evil who rule over th..
SKU: MFSX947173
Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity
The Luohan of Longevity with the crane bestows blessings of good health, longevity and harmony to th..
SKU: MFSX939858
Brass God of Beggar
The Beggars God, aka Chi Kung, is very much revered by Chinese Taoists. He is believed to defend the..
SKU: MFSX938833
Heavenly Master Zhang Taoist Deity Amulet Metal Card
Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling aka Zhang Tian Shi is known as the first Celestial Master of Taoism. ..
SKU: MFSX939956
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Angel Pendant
An image of an Angel plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant an..
SKU: MFSX945116
Manjushri with Flaming Sword Card (Metal)
Powerful and elegant the Tibetan Manjushri Boddhisattva with Flaming Sword is a goddess of..
SKU: MFSX939443
Mini Elephant God Ganesha
Lord Ganesh, the divinity with an elephant’s head and the body of a man, is one of the most popular ..
SKU: MFSX942276
Wealth Jambhala Stickers (2x)
The White Dzambhala, mighty Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth, is featured on this sticker, d..
SKU: MFSX939406
 Brass Chong Kwei
Dynamic and poised this Brass Chong Kwei figurine is an ideal protective product in Feng Shui. Also ..
SKU: MFSX716860
Beggars God Chi Kung Figurine
The Beggars God, aka Chi Kung, is very much revered by Chinese Taoists. He is believed to defend the..
SKU: MFSX933806
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Green Tara
Beautiful Bejeweled Green Tara figurine with a a secret compartment to keep your jewelries and wishe..
SKU: MFSX820413