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Three Lions On Drums
The Chinese Lions dance are traditionally used to commemorate important occasions such as the launch..
SKU: MFSX955753
6 Coins Feng Shui Ruler
A beautiful sequence of 6 Chinese Emperor coins engraved with the names of the 6 most prominent rule..
SKU: MFSX820963
Ammonite Shell Pendant Necklace (S)
Revered in Feng Shui for its detoxifying qualities, this lovely ammonite shell pendant necklace make..
SKU: MFSX711266
Brass Chinese Ingot on Horse (S)
This powerful and magnificent creature carries a gold ingot upon its back to signify it as a bringer..
SKU: MFSX718296
Brass Feng Shui Dragon Grasping Ball of Success (L)
Believed to spread good chi all around you, this brass Feng Shui dragon grasping a ball of success i..
SKU: MFSX928197
Brass Fuk Luk Sau
This prestigious brass Fuk Luk Sau statue will make an authoritative addition to your household. Sy..
SKU: MFSX820537
Brass Kwan Kong Charging on Horse (L)
Imbued with fantastic mythical powers, this brass Kwan Kung charging on a horse represents victory a..
SKU: MFSX821853
Brass Kwan Kong on Victory Horse (L)
Infused with great mythical powers, this brass Kwan Kung charging on a horse represents victory and ..
SKU: MFSX934219
Brass Kwan Kong Statue Reading Book (s)
A unique depiction of China’s most famous military general, this brass Kwan Kung reading a book, is ..
SKU: MFSX926167
Brass Majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung Statue (L)
Gloriously laden with Feng Shui power symbols, this brass majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung statue depic..
SKU: MFSX821842
Brass Mini Standing Kuan Kong
Majestically portrayed, this brass standing Kwan Kung is believed to counter negative energies and a..
SKU: MFSX926949
Brass Nine Dragons Imperial Seal
Dignified and opulent, this brass nine dragons imperial seal makes a fantastic charm for supporting..
SKU: MFSX929622
Dzi Bead Pendant Necklace (Stainless Steel)
Beautiful pendant featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. Comes with a free stainless steel chain. Products..
SKU: MFSX718113
Feng Shui Fire Red Ball Cure
This potent Feng Shui Fire Red Ball Cure is ideal for calming difficult or anger-inducing energies b..
SKU: MFSX824535
Golden Ruyi with Mystic Knot Tassels
Also known as the “scepter of power” in Feng Shui this golden Ru Yi is elegantly presented for maxim..
SKU: MFSX716847
Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace
Delicately crafted from ancient China’s most prized stone, this Jade Kwan Kung pendant with oriental..
SKU: MFSX820003
Laser Engraved 3D Dragon Glass with LED Base (S)
Strikingly illuminated, this laser engraved 3D dragon glass with LED base makes an auspicious and ey..
SKU: MFSX825661
Pair of Colorful Feng Shui Dragons
The dragon is a very powerful sign of Yang or Male energy in Feng Shui. The most celebrated good for..
SKU: MFSX927748
Pair of Golden Brass Pi Yao
Richly golden, this pair of Brass Pi Yao on bed of coins is a super-charged wealth luck charm. Belie..
SKU: MFSX821326
Tibetan Dzi Bead (10 Eyes)
Ten Eyed Dzi Beads – Representative of all over perfection. Provides the wearer with good karma and ..
SKU: MFSX711455
Tibetan Dzi Bead (21 Eyes)
Twenty-One Eyed Dzi Beads– Almost as popular as the 9 Eye Dzi, it will help one on his or her journe..
SKU: MFSX711502
Tibetan Dzi Bead (7 Eyes)
Seven Eyed Dzi – blesses the wearer with luck in the seven important aspirations of life. These seve..
SKU: MFSX711422
Tibetan Dzi Bead (9 Eyes)
Nine Eyed Dzi Beads – “King of all Dzis”, they are the most sought-after of all of the Tibetan Dzi b..
SKU: MFSX711444
Tibetan Dzi Bead (Mythical Bird)
The Garuda Dzi Beads– This type of bead is believed to improve one’s reputation and provide them wit..
SKU: MFSX711605