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Wu Lou / Gourd

The Wu Lou, or a gourd, calabash, or Hu Lu is the image that comes to mind when health is mentioned in the context of Feng Shui. It is the primary Feng Shui cure for good health luck and longevity.

In ancient Chinese tradition, a hollowed out Wu Lou was used as a water container, and was vital for survival during long distance journeys. Chinese doctors utilized the Wu Lou as a safe way to transport medicines as they travelled from place to place. These past uses have lent themselves to the symbol of the Wu Lou as a talisman of health.

Then, there is the legendary history of the Wu Lou. This item was often portrayed as a tool used by Taoist deities and monks to imprison evil spirits.  Because of this reason, it became a symbol in Feng Shui that captures and prevents negative energy from wreaking havoc.

The shape of Wu Lou symbolizes heaven and earth coming together. The top half of the calabash represents the heavens; the bottom half the earth, and when a human is using it, it represents the harmony between all three of those entities.

For feng shui purposes, the Wulou is tied with a red string around its neck to empower its energy.

Putting Wu Lou next to or over your bed is believed to fortify your health luck. Carrying one with you as a charm also helps to ward sickness energies off. If someone is ill, it is believed that putting the Wu Lou near their bed can help them to heal better.

If you have chronic health problems or recurring health issues, you need to place Wu Lou around the room where you recover and recuperate. Near your bed is a good place to have one or possibly one on each side. Another place is the “health corner,” or the Tien Yi, which is based on the Feng Shui Kua.

If you are following the feng shui bagua formula, you can place a Wu Lou on the east portion of the main gathering room, like the family room. This is the “health luck corner” believed to maximize both the well-being and the constitutions of your entire family.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, besides Wind Chimes or the Medicine Buddha, a metal Wu Lou is a the ultimate cure in the sector afflicted by the illness bringing star #2.  This malicious star brings accidents, ailments, and illnesses.

Wu Lou is also associated with getting rid of negative energy or incidents. Placing a Wu Lou on your desk is believed to push negative energy away from your career. Keeping a Wu Lou in your vehicle is thought to help prevent accidents.

If you are going through a rough patch in your life, display a Feng Shui Wu Lou in the area that you spend the most time to absorb whatever luck or energy is the cause of your bad luck streak.

Lastly, if you have a loved one who is an elder of yours, you can give them a Wu Lou as a gift. A Wu Lou is a sort of blessing;it represents that you want that person to live a long, healthy, prosperous life.

The Wu Lou symbol is a very powerful traditional symbol in the realm of feng shui. Its unique shape and build is believed to lend itself toward healing and storing negative energy. A Wu Lou or two in your home is thought to help with a variety of problems, and is considered a key part of any feng shui setup.

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