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Black Obsidian Pi Yao Coin Feng Shui Pendant
This stunning Feng Shui Pi Yao pendant makes a great gift or jewelry piece for overcoming neg..
SKU: MFSX950121
Bat Biting Coin Jade Pendant
This product represents many good luck symbols long established in feng shui lore. It features a jad..
SKU: MFSX948665
Dragon and Phoenix with Bagua Black Obsidian Pendant
This beautifully and intricately carved black obsidian features a Chinese dragon and phoenix, t..
SKU: MFSX949021
Jade Kuan Yin Pendant (s)
The likeness of the beautiful Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, graces this pendant carved from jade ..
SKU: MFSX947714
Jade Laughing Buddha Pendant (s)
An enjoyable and auspicious jewelry piece, this Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant in Green J..
SKU: MFSX947721
Jade Pig Pendant
Heighten the passion, reliability, and honesty of those born under the sign of the Pig (1923, 1935, ..
SKU: MFSX947378
Laughing Buddha Obsidian Pendant
A sleek and auspicious jewelry piece, this Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant in Obsidian is a great ..
SKU: MFSX948824
Om Mani Padme Hum with Swastika Black Obsidian Pendant
The popular mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is engraved on this deep black obsidian in this feng shui penda..
SKU: MFSX949033
Peony Queen of Flowers Jade Pendant
Peonies are the symbol of romance and sexual prowess in Feng Shui and are highly revered as the Quee..
SKU: MFSX948816
Brown Botswana Brown Agate Crystal Pendant
Botswana agate, also known as the "change stone" is a stone that eases transition of any kind making..
SKU: MFSX937093
Chinese Zodiac Animal Pendant - Jade
Classic and alluring, these jade 12 Chinese Horoscope Animal Pendants will last you a life time. Fin..
SKU: MFSX936891
Dzi Bead Oriental Necklace (Adjustable)
Beautiful adjustable oriental-style necklace featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. Products will be clean..
SKU: MFSX938973
Fuk Luk Sau Jade Abacus Pendant
This intricate abacus pendant will grace one’s neck with an authoritative symbol of wealth..
$33.99 $28.88
SKU: MFSX940748
Glow In The Dark Heart Pendant Necklace
The heart is a universal symbol of love and romance and this heart is made of beautiful glow in the ..
SKU: MFSX938961
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Angel Pendant
An image of an Angel plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant an..
SKU: MFSX945116
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Kuan Yin Pendant
A serene Kuan Yin plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant and s..
SKU: MFSX945124
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Laughing Buddha Pendant
A happy Laughing Buddha plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant ..
SKU: MFSX945082
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Peach with Fuk Pendant
A Peach Fruit of Immortality plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant..
SKU: MFSX945098
Jade Bat Pendant (High Grade)
Beautiful jade pendant featuring the Bat that hangs on a bejeweled holder. The bat, which sounds lik..
SKU: MFSX940773
Jade Bean Pendant (High Grade)
Beautiful Bean shaped jade pendant that hangs on a bejeweled holder. Wear this j..
SKU: MFSX940794
Jade Chi Lin Feng Shui Pendant (High Grade)
The Chi Lin is a fantastic and well-known Feng Shui power symbol. With the head of a dragon, body of..
SKU: MFSX938123
Jade Laughing Buddha Pendant (High Grade)
An enjoyable and auspicious jewelry piece, this Laughing Buddha with Pi Yao Crystal Pendant in Jade ..
SKU: MFSX938085
Jade Rain Drop Pendant (High Grade)
Beautiful Rain Drop shaped jade pendant that hangs on a bejeweled holder. Wear this jade j..
SKU: MFSX940786
Ping An Kou Coin Pendant (Chalcedony Quartz)
Safe from harm and prosperity are the blessings brought by the Coin symbol that made up this Fe..
SKU: MFSX940908