Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter

Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter, holds a prominent role in the annual practices of Feng Shui followers. This principle revolves around monitoring the planetary movements of Jupiter over time, as it is thought to exert an influence on the fortunes of those residing on Earth.

The impact Tai Sui carries can sway between favorable and turbulent. When Tai Sui aligns with you, it ushers in mentorship, support, and beneficent fortune. Conversely, directly confronting Tai Sui can give rise to a spectrum of difficulties. Thus, it is of utmost importance to steer clear of direct confrontation with Tai Sui throughout the year.

Crucially, an annual Feng Shui update entails understanding the precise location of Tai Sui. Each year, Tai Sui takes residence in the sector attributed to the dominant animal sign of that year. In the case of 2024, where the Dragon governs, Tai Sui's position is identified in the SE1, corresponding to the Dragon's home sector. It becomes imperative to abstain from facing the SE1 direction, even if other Feng Shui principles deem it auspicious.

Confrontation of the Grand Duke can also be an issue for those whose zodiac sign (see table below) is in direct or indirect conflict with the Tai Sui of the year. Which zodiac sign is in conflict changes every year, so you will need to get updates every time new year is approaching to better prepare to protect yourself. The Pi Yao is the specifically and most recommended cure for appeasing the Grand Duke Jupiter. It is often recommended that if your astrological sign is in direct or indirect conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter for the year that a Pi Yao should be worn or carried on you at all times. Likewise if your property is facing his direction, or your maindoor/bedroom is located in its direction.

 It is also most advisable to not execute any type of renovation, change or movement to the directional area in which the Grand Duke Jupiter resides for the year because these will incur his wrath.

Table for location of Tai Sui and animal signs in conflict:

YEAR 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030
ANGLE AFFLICTED 82.5° to 97.5° 112.5° to 127.5° 142.5° to 157.5°
172.5° - 187.5°
202.5° - 217.5°
232.5° - 247.5°
262.5° - 277.5°
292.5° to 307.5°
ANIMALS IN DIRECT CONFLICT Rooster Dog Boar Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon
ANIMALS IN INDIRECT CONFLICT Rabbit, Horse, Rat Dragon, Sheep, Ox Snake, Monkey, Tiger
Horse, Rooster, Rabbit
Sheep, Dog, Dragon
Monkey, Boar, Snake
Rooster, Rat, Horse
Dog, Ox, Sheep


To appease Tai Sui of the year, display a figurine of the Piyao or "Tai Sui image" in the afflicted sector. Carry or wear an amulet if your horoscope sign, property, maindoor, living room or bedroom is afflicted by Tai Sui.

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