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Crystal Chips

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Assorted Natural Crystal Chips (100g)
There are a number of powerful crystals in every 100 gm. of assorted natural crystal chips. These in..
SKU: MFSX718359
Crystal Chips (Amethyst) (100g)
These glamorous, deep purple amethyst crystal chips make an ideal Feng Shui charm for healing. Ameth..
SKU: MFSX714198
Crystal Chips (Aventurine) (100g)
Fill your wealth pots or wealth ships with these crystal chips or carry them in a pouch or kept unde..
SKU: MFSX714209
Crystal Chips (Clear Quartz) (100g)
Clear Quartz is often used as a “cleaner” as it is considered to be a pure and neutral absorber of e..
SKU: MFSX823260
Crystal Chips (Obsidian) (100g)
Obsidian is a powerful earthy grounding stone, created by the plunging of hot lava into water. It is..
SKU: MFSX819527
Crystal Chips (Peridot) (100g)
Peridot crystal chips are made from a semi-precious stone known for its ability to make the heart he..
SKU: MFSX819536
Crystal Chips (Rose Quartz) (100g)
Rose quartz is the stone of love, peace and contentment. It has a beautiful power to heal internal w..
SKU: MFSX714210
Crystal Chips (Tigers Eye) (100g)
Users utitlize the Tiger’s Eye in the belief that it will protect them from black magic and curses. ..
SKU: MFSX819517
Crystal Chips (Yellow Jasper) (100g)
Jasper is a stone for nurturing and welcoming change in feng shui. It is protective and grounding fo..
SKU: MFSX823559
Crystal Pebbles (Citrine) (100g)
Glimmering and wealth luck attracting, these crystal pebbles of citrine make a beautiful accent to a..
SKU: MFSX823243
Crystal Chips (Ruby Zoisite) (100g)
These vibrant crystal chips of ruby zoisite are excellent generators of positive Chi. If you are int..
SKU: MFSX823250 (Sold Out)
Money Toad on Wealth Pot with Crystal Chips and Five Grains
Floating in a sea of treasure, this Money Toad on Wealth Pot with Crystal Chips and Five Grains make..
SKU: MFSX926763 (Sold Out)