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The phoenix is a symbol for rebirth, resilience, transformation and strength because it’s able to rise from its own ashes. Also known as Feng Huang or “the king of birds”, the phoenix is one of the four celestial animals in Landscape Feng Shui school and is associated with the element fire.

In ancient China, it was believed that the phoenix would appear in the good times when there was peace and harmony and therefore it’s viewed as a symbol of good luck and positive feelings. It is most powerful in enhancing the general luck of the matriarch or female leader of the family. Display it in the Southwest sector if this is what you are after.

Even though the phoenix has a strong yang energy, it also has a yin element that can be pulled out of it when placed next to a dragon. This will result in a perfect harmony of energy between yin and yang, the ultimate couple. If you put the phoenix and dragon together, it would make an excellent Feng Shui enhancer for those looking for new love or wishing to make their current love stronger.

The phoenix is associated with the South with Fire element according to feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations. Showcasing a phoenix figurine in this area will boost your reputation and fame luck. This type of luck will bring about new opportunities and important changes into your career that will help your work get noticed and recognized when it matters most. People in the show biz and politics will surely love the Phoenix.

Place the Feng Shui phoenix in your Nien Yen (relationship) direction to attract a lover for singles. This will also help to heighten to level of loyalty and the appreciation of the sanctity of marriage.

People who are in a run of bad luck will appreciate the Phoenix being a symbol of transformation and resurrection. This Feng Shui product is believed to help those who have hit bottom financially, physically, socially or emotionally to bounce back and turn their life around with a new found glory.

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