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Cash Flow Camels

Price: $118.99
Price in reward points: 1428
Material:  Metal
Weight :  500.00g ( 1.10 lbs)
Dimension :  1.5x4.5x3.25 in (each) (3.8x11.5x8.3 cm)
SKU:  MFSX957796
Reward Points:  95
Availability:  In Stock

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The Camel is a significant Feng Shui symbol for those in business and anyone looking to manage their finances wisely. Camels are famous for their resilience, able to navigate harsh, arid deserts for extended periods while storing precious water in their humps.

These beautifully adorned camels represent wealth, abundance, financial stability, and protection against monetary difficulties. They are available in five colors, each with its unique attributes:

ROYAL BLUE: This color harnesses Water energy, aiding you in tapping into hidden wealth opportunities in 2024. It fosters a steady flow of profits, even during uncertain times. Ideal for enhancing financial prospects and business success. Place it in the North, associated with Water and the residence for the Prosperity Star in 2024.

EMERALD GREEN: Enhance your career and financial decision-making with this color. It attracts essential support for maintaining a healthy cash flow. A thoughtful gift for entrepreneurs and business professionals, it is said to strengthen financial stability when displayed on your work desk.

GOLDEN YELLOW: Symbolizing bountifulness and a prosperous life, this color is believed to be perfect for continuous wealth and financial well-being. Place it on your work desk to manifest creature comforts and enduring prosperity luck.

CRIMSON RED: Activate the positive energies of Period 9, facilitating significant transformations and long-term prosperity. Ideal for entrepreneurs and corporate individuals seeking substantial profits and business growth. Display it on your work desk for success.

WHITE: Representing heaven, White in 2024 brings intelligence and creativity, helping you overcome obstacles effortlessly. Place it on your work desk to attract wealth luck, wisdom, intelligence, and creative thinking.


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