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Many of the people practicing the arts of feng shui believe in the concept of using “feng shui coins' to bring wealth luck and protection of long-term investments. The strategic placement of coins around the home has been practiced since ancient time as it is said to help to bring one fortune in finances. The coin that is dedicated to this feng shui application is round in shape and has a square hole in the center, this is meant to represent heaven surrounding the Earth. The coin would have a yin face (two characters or symbols) and a yang face (usually inscribed with four characters).

The coins can be used in numerous ways around the home. Some people choose to display them tied in a specific number on red or gold strings as different number have a different meaning, and other people place them in “wealth boats” or “wealth vases”.

Being that the coins are believed to be made with a strong metal energy, they are said to have the greatest impact when placed at the North, Northwest, and West parts of the home. There are a variety of different locations that you can place the coins to get the beneficial Feng Shui energy.


  • It is said that hiding hundreds of these brass coins all over the home will bring the person great luck in regards to financial gain, and his or her ability to become extremely wealthy. This is because of the belief in the image of someone living among a vast collection of brass coins. Having wealth will breed wealth. One common practice it to place them in your flooring or wall boards.
  • Having a wealth boat filled with the feng shui coins is said to help to bring good income luck and business profits to your door step. You can also scatter the coins around other Feng Shui wealth attracting symbols such as the Money Frogs, Wealth Gods, Pi Yao, etc.
  • Placing the brass coins in the North or Northwest areas of the home will enhance career luck and mentor luck respectively according to bagua eight aspirations theory.

Additional things to consider: it is believed that if you keep the feng shui coins in your wallet or purse, then you will never lack funds, if you place them close to your account folder or stock portfolio, you will benefit from gaining luck. Hang them around your phone, or fax, is reputed to bring in more sales, place in your cash box, safe, or beneath your register to bring financial prosperity luck to the company. Lillian Too advocates that hanging a string of coins on the door handle of your shop will encourage the flow of wealth luck into the premises.

You will have to cleanse the Chinese coins of negative energy accumulated every Lunar New Year to amplify results. If you want to save money you can reinvigorate them with incense or singing bowl, or you can easily buy new ones being that they are not very expensive.

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