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Wealth Gods

Every Asian culture has its own wealth deities. The Thais and Koreans have their wealth Buddhas. The Hindu’s God and Goddess of Wealth are Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi respectively. The Tibetans have their Dzambalas. Chai Shen Yeh is the most popular and influential Chinese God of Prosperity. Also known as Zhao Gong Ming, he was a historical hero who was in charge of the distribution of wealth amongst the people and later deified and venerated by local admirers and followers.

Worshipped and respected by Chinese all over the world, he is a powerful deity who bestows wealth luck and protection from disasters. When invoked, this highly compassionate and benevolent deity is said to answer all prayers. His birthday is commemorated on the 5th day of the 1st lunar month, the day during Chinese New Year where devotees will perform elaborate rituals to invite him to bless their homes or business premises with good fortune with the hope that their monetary wishes will come true.

Many people who are pursuing wealth through high-risk investments or gambling will seek out a wealth God to possess. Most merchants and businessmen will have an image of Chai Shen Yeh in their homes or offices as his presence is believed to ensure businesses will have smooth cash flow and free of bad debts.

You are advised to place the God of Wealth in the Southeast – the wealth sector or the main hall facing the main entrance – to transform incoming energy into wealth chi. You can also place him behind you in the office to symbolically garner his support in your money-making endeavors.

Having a Wealth God in the home or office is important for anyone who wants to be successful in work, investments, financial planning, or other financial pursuits. His presence is meant to serve as a reminder, so that you continue to seek new opportunities.

Wealth Gods should be placed in an elevated place and never in the bedroom, kitchen, the basement, the attic or bathroom. You need not pray to him.

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