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Mentor Luck

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Heaven Seal Talisman Feng Shui Keychain
This Feng Shui amulet taps into the potent energies of the Earth Seal and Heaven Seal, offering an o..
SKU: MFSX956953
Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Feng Shui Keychain
The Nobleman Gui Ren Feng Shui Talisman is designed for attracting mentor and benefactor luck, drawi..
SKU: MFSX957763
Nobleman Star Talisman Feng Shui Keychain
The Nobleman Star is hidden in year of the Rabbit 2023. This Star attracts generous benefactors and ..
SKU: MFSX955842
6 Coins Feng Shui Ruler
A beautiful sequence of 6 Chinese Emperor coins engraved with the names of the 6 most prominent rule..
SKU: MFSX820963
Brass Feng Shui Dragon Grasping Ball of Success
Said to impart good chi all around you, this brass Feng Shui dragon grasping a ball of success is a ..
SKU: MFSX819478
Brass I-Ching Coins (50 pieces)
For abundantly enhancing your wealth luck, tuck these Brass Chinese Coins all over wealth areas of y..
SKU: MFSX711352
Brass Imperial Dragon for Success Luck
Believed to spread good chi all around you, this brass Imperial Feng Shui dragon with five claws is ..
SKU: MFSX822545
Brass Kwan Kong Charging on Horse (L)
Imbued with fantastic mythical powers, this brass Kwan Kung charging on a horse represents victory a..
SKU: MFSX821853
Brass Kwan Kong on Victory Horse (L)
Infused with great mythical powers, this brass Kwan Kung charging on a horse represents victory and ..
SKU: MFSX934219
Brass Kwan Kong Statue Reading Book (s)
A unique depiction of China’s most famous military general, this brass Kwan Kung reading a book, is ..
SKU: MFSX926167
Brass Majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung Statue (L)
Gloriously laden with Feng Shui power symbols, this brass majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung statue depic..
SKU: MFSX821842
Brass Military Wealth God Sitting on Tiger
Magnificently commanding a profusion of riches, this brass military Wealth God sitting on tiger make..
SKU: MFSX819850
Brass Nine Dragons Imperial Seal
Dignified and opulent, this brass nine dragons imperial seal makes a fantastic charm for supporting..
SKU: MFSX929622
Brass Pair of Majestic Guardian Kei Loon
This fierce military-style pair of Chi Lin (also called Qi Ling or Kei Loon) is a specially crafted ..
SKU: MFSX819881
Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat
The Eight Immortals are a group of superior beings (also known as Ba Xian) who are widely regarded a..
SKU: MFSX713313
Colorful Glass Fortune Bat Tassels
This vibrant, colorful, Liuli crystal bat hanging will do double time lifting your spirits and attra..
SKU: MFSX715499
Confucius - Father of Scholarly Luck
A foundational figure in Chinese philosophy, this Confucious or Father of Scholarly Luck statue is a..
SKU: MFSX928612
Crystal Balls on Star of David Symbol (Obsidian)
To reinvigorate the energy of your home or workplace and boost self-confidence, Obsidian Crystal Bal..
SKU: MFSX716046
Crystal Gem Tree (Amethyst)
Gorgeous and multifaceted, this crystal gem tree in amethyst is a festive symbol of lifelong prosper..
SKU: MFSX712496
Crystal Point (Amethyst)
Elegant and proud, this amethyst crystal point is a commonly used Feng Shui cure for improving menta..
SKU: MFSX715973
Crystal Tree to Attract Love (Rose Quartz)
A mesmerizing and alluring tree, this crystal Rose Quartz tree is the perfect item for when you need..
SKU: MFSX712485
Crystal Tree to Attract Wealth (Citrine)
Supercharged with wealth luck energy this citrine tree is a powerful Feng Shui tree. Citrine is know..
SKU: MFSX712474
Crystal Wish FulFilling Tree (Aventurine)
This beautiful crystal wish fulfilling tree in aventurine is a treasure to contemplate. The wish ful..
SKU: MFSX712509
Crystal Wish-fulfilling Gem Tree (Assorted Crystals)
A beautiful and multifaceted Feng Shui charm, this crystal wish-fulfilling gem tree of assorted ston..
SKU: MFSX714864