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In Feng Shui, one of the most effective and versatile cures is wind chimes. If you have a financial constrain to work on the feng shui issues in your own home, or you just don’t have the time or energy to invest into it, wind chimes are a good solution to the problem. A wind chime can be used in a many ways to ensure good Feng Shui.

If you are using your wind chime as a replacement for the bagua, you can hang the chimes over your front entrance. Like the bagua, the wind chime will correct or deflect shar chi (poison arrow killing energy) from sharp corners, imposing structure or traffic routes pointing to you home/office.

Placing wind chimes in the north sector of your home or business is believed to benefit luck and prosperity in your job or career. Because these wind chimes are made of metal, it strengthens the energy of water in this sector.

Strengthen the metal energy of the Northwest sector with this Windchime to activate mentor luck that attracts helpful people in your life.

The toilet or storeroom is considered to be an area of bad energy. If you place wind here, it is thought to repress the negative energy that is suppressing the luck governed by that part of your home. For instance, if your toilet is in the southwest (love corner) part of your home, romantic relationships will be affected. Hanging a wind chime here can correct the situation.

If you have your front and back doors facing one another, place a Feng Shui wind chime between them. This is to slow down gushing chi that enters your home. A gushing chi can be harmful. It also enables the positive Chi to dwell longer in your house to benefit people residing in it.

If you observe Flying Star Feng Shui, you can use this metallic wind chime to counter the energies of two devastating stars: the disaster star (yellow star five) and the sickness star (black star 2). Wind chimes are believed to be one of the most powerful cures for preventing bad luck brought by these two Earth stars. Hang it in the sector of Heavenly Star #6 to attract good fortune sent by the cosmos.

It is recommended that you do not hang wind chimes directly above the areas you sleep, eat, or do work. Placing the chimes over those areas is believed to be an invitation for accident, illness, and suppression. Windchimes do not necessarily have to be hung on the ceiling; it can be hung on the underside of your table, or on a wall hanger long enough to allow the windchimes to sway with the wind.

As you can see, wind chimes are incredibly versatile and useful in the feng shui world. So if you are looking to become more involved with the art of feng shui, learning how to use wind chimes is an incredibly intelligent place to start with the whole process.

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