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Chi Lin / Qi Ling

Almost every culture has its own fascination with the Unicorn and the Chinese are no different. In Feng Shui, an entire belief system has developed around the Chi Lin, or Chinese Unicorn, Kei Loon or Qi Ling, and you can often find their statues “guarding” entrance ways. According to the Chinese legends, these Unicorns are the guardians of heaven, and they can prevent all evil from entering any gate they protect.

While today, Chi Lin statues are more common outside casinos and businesses, they were once extremely popular with the emperors of China. Small carvings of the Chi Lin were placed on their desks to guard their stamps, seals and paperwork. Some of the greatest Chinese generals in history also kept the symbol around as they were thought to provide luck in military service, as well as civil decisions.

The Chi Lin combines some of the most important characteristics of animals in the Feng Shui symbolism. They have the head of a dragon, scales of a carp, the body of a horse and a tail of little curls. Each part of the other animal lends their power to Chi Lin and they are said to have the ability to walk on land and water. The Chilin is the ultimate representation of symbolic power because they show all these different elements in harmony to create a new being.

They are also called the dragon horse and share with the other symbols of Feng Shui the hope that their presence will enhance the owner’s luck and fortune. One of the common folk tales about the Chi Lin is that whoever dares to look into the Chi Lin’s eyes will be immediately brought happiness and good fortune. Other attributes assigned to their symbol include: confidence, fortitude, ambition, fearlessness, sound well-being and great endurance.

Here are the traditional places for the Feng Shui Chi Lin and what each location is believed to bring to your life:

  1. Put them on either side of your entranceway, on the outside, to slow down and stop bad chi from entering the home or business.
  2. Put one in the East section of your home to protect any member of the family who is travelling, but make sure the Chi Lin is facing the main door.
  3. Increase your luck in business by putting it on display in your office or the dining room of your home.
  4. Place it on your desk, in the North corner and facing away from you to add to your career luck.
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