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Globes are one of the most frequently used symbols of Earth in Feng Shui. They are a representation of communication, interaction and connectivity. Globes are symbolic of furthering education, growth of knowledge and becoming globalized.

Crystal globes being that they are made from an element of the Earth have double the power. The globe is a symbol that is universal; however, it is typically sought after and used by people in the literary, publishing and media and communication industry because of its all-encompassing implication. The globe symbolizes change, progress and the advancement forward of ideas and goals.

Globe placements for feng shui cures:

  • Northeast - It is believed that this placement will help to improve one’s education and academic luck. This placement is said to help with networking and building a business.
  • Northwest - This placement is believed to help you to reach business goals with the help of powerful people or a mentor.

Globes represent one’s ability to increase his or her mental strength and education abilities. If you are looking for a great gift, then a globe sure is a great way to honor the intelligence of those closest to you. For best result, twirl the globe every now and then.

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