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Apple Assorted Crystal Pendant with Necklace

Price: $13.99
Price in reward points: 168
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dimension :  0.5x0.5x0.5 in (1.3x1.3x1.3 cm)
SKU:  MFSX714321
Reward Points:  11
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Produced in a variety of energetically charged stones, this apple assorted crystal pendant with necklace makes a delicious jewelry piece. The apple is a symbol long associated with love, beauty and fertility in the West, while known as an icon of peace and prosperity in the East. Choose from African Aventurine, Red Agate, Amethyst, Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye or Smoky Quartz. Each stone is known for its own unique metaphysical healing properties. Crystals are reputed to increase focus and motivation, enhance clarity, prevent addiction and ward off negativity. Delicately formed in its spherical shape, this amorous apple is also a representative of heavenly earth luck in Feng Shui.

Tiger's Eye Apple PendantTiger’s eye comes from the African continent and is also known by the names “African Cat’s Eye” and “Crocidolite Cat’s Eye.” Many of the indigenous beliefs about the power of the stone have been adopted by people in the industrialized world and the stone is considered one of the most powerful of the protective stones. Users wear the Tiger’s Eye in the belief that it will protect them from black magic and curses. It is thought to dispel negative energy and repel negative persons. The stone is also thought to increase positive attitude and determination while helping to clear one’s thoughts. People who are seeking academic or career success will appreciate the stone.

Amethyst Apple PendantAmethyst is a highly regarded stone among natural healers and Feng Shui practitioners. It combines qualities believed to promote both physical and spiritual healing. Amethyst is also considered a powerful stone in helping people to overcome addictions as it is believed to act as a tranquilizer on the mind, making it easier to get through cravings. It is also believed to aid in restoring natural sleep patterns, which can help anyone who is new in recovery. Amethyst amulet or charm is also said to help ward off nightmares so that you can get the needed rest.

Agate Apple PendantAgate is a crystal highly valued by Feng Shui followers. It is thought to clear your consciousness of all distractions and frustrations, allowing you to think clearly and focus. It is believed that Agate allows one to think quickly on your feet, responding to emergencies easily and increasing problem solving skills. As a result, self-esteem will also be boosted. This renewed sense of self-confidence is said to reduce fear and anxieties, and calm the mind and body, and help to open up new opportunities, allowing you to attain your goals.

Smoky Quartz Apple PendantThe Smoky Quartz is associated with healing from high levels of stress that can induce anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and other related ailments. It is also given to people suffering from fatigue, exhaustion and depression as it is thought to energize the owner and dispel negative thoughts. Smoky Quartz is also considered an energizing stone with a natural association with creativity. It is thought to produce clarity and quickness of mind, creativity and increase motivation. This stone is most associated with positive mood states and increased energy. It is a popular stone not just with the ill, but with businessman, students and artists who want to tap into its reported ability to enhance organizational and learning skills.

African Aventurine Apple PendantAventurine is considered to bring both comfort to the wearer, and to enhance self-confidence and leadership abilities. It is believed that Aventurine can help to boost confidence and clear and calm the mind, allowing for logical and clear thinking, attributes crucial for leaders. The mind in this state will be able to see opportunities and options better. It is thought to have the added bonus of increasing your reputation among peers and the general perception of you as being likeable and competent. Because of these effects, it is considered a stone of prosperity for anyone working for career success.

Clear Quartz Apple PendantClear Quartz is one of the most popular of the Feng Shui crystals as it is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to bring the Earth’s natural healing energies into your life. People who practice bioenergy work swear by it as a means to balance and enhance the body’s bioelectric field forming a protective barrier between you and the negative energies of radioactivity and static electricity. Many practitioners will also use this stone to assist in creating positive energies as they believe that most illnesses and depressions stem from the influence of the negative on the personal energy aura.

Clear Quartz Apple PendantObsidian has a mythology and beliefs that surround it. In its dark depths, the stone is thought to provide a powerful source of energy for improving self-image and self-esteem. It is often worn by those who are shy and is believed to create personal development. Obsidian is considered a “protector stone.” These are stones that are believed to have the power to protect and influence your life in positive ways. They are talismans against negative energy, depression and are believed help you to let go of thoughts and feelings that promote darkness and stress.

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