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Amethyst Cluster with Stand A
A lusciously colored and beautiful quartz, this amethyst Feng Shui crystal cluster is known to ..
Amethyst Cluster with Stand B
A lusciously colored and beautiful quartz, this amethyst Feng Shui crystal cluster is known to ..
Amethyst Geode Wealth Basin
Be mesmerized by this lusciously fascinating crystal geode, displaying beautiful Amethyst Quartz cry..
Medicine Buddha and The Seven Sugata Gau
The Medicine Buddha and the 7 Sugata Gau is undoubtedly the most powerful remedy against health issu..
Sum-of-Ten Amulet Feng Shui Keychain (Blue)
This Feng Shui amulet is designed to enhance the power of sum-of-ten luck. Every zodiac sign will ge..
Winning-Chip Talisman with Wealth Mantra
Place this Winning Chip Talisman in your home to enhance your wealth luck and windfall luck. This wi..
7 Chakra Faceted Crystal Ball Hanging
This faceted 7 Chakra Faceted Crystal Ball Hangingis an excellent feng shui cure for diffusing ..
Black Obsidian Pi Yao Coin Feng Shui Pendant
This stunning Feng Shui Pi Yao pendant makes a great gift or jewelry piece for overcoming neg..
Carp in Lotus Pond Hanging (A) Chalcedony Agate
Gorgeous crystal geode carving featuring a classic Chinese good fortune imagery of a carp swimming i..
Carp in Lotus Pond Hanging (B) Chalcedony Agate
Gorgeous crystal geode carving featuring a classic Chinese good fortune imagery of a carp swimming i..
Jade Piyao Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain (High Grade)
This Pi Yao pendant is an excellent wearable amulet for overcoming negative energy and attracting go..
Mini Tiger Eye Crystal Pyramid
Entrancing and mysterious, this crystal pyramid in Tiger's Eye stone is known to amplify existing po..
Pair of Jade Feng Shui Pi Xiu Tassel
Delicate and majestic, this pair of high-quality jade Feng Shui Pi Xiu tassel makes a beautiful..
Agate Chalcedony Crystal Carved Laughing Buddha Sculpture (D)
One and only unique sculpture of the Laughing Buddha carved out of Agate Chalcedony rock. Beautiful!..
Antiquated Tibetan Dzi Bead (4 Eyes)
Four Eyed Dzi Beads – symbol of the 4 Bodhisattvas and their blessings. Bodhisattvas are enlightened..
Bat Biting Coin Jade Pendant
This product represents many good luck symbols long established in feng shui lore. It features a jad..
Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bagua with Trigrams
Stunningly black, this obsidian disc features the Yin Yang with Trigrams symbol (bagua). The Ba..
Burmese Jade Bracelet
In China jade has been used for over 5000 years. At one time it was more valuable than gol..
Clear Quartz Crystal Ball
This exquisite clear quartz crystal ball is an ideal healing charm. Do you feel mentally or physical..
Color-changing Pi Xiu with Om Mani Obsidian Bracelet
This Pi Yao protection crystal bracelet in obsidian with Om Mani Padme Hum mantra is reputed to make..
Feng Shui Wu Lou with Five Bats - Obsidian
Five Bats ("Wu Fu") on the Feng Shui Wu Lou is said to bring 5 kinds of blessings - good h..
Five Jade Feng Shui Gold Ingots Tassel
Five pieces of high-grade Chinese jade are used here to represent gold ingots, a highly powerfu..
Jade Feng Shui Mystic Knot with Lotus Tassel
The number 8 is a very auspicious Chinese feng shui symbol, sounding like “good fortune” when spok..
Laughing Buddha Obsidian Pendant
A sleek and auspicious jewelry piece, this Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant in Obsidian is a great Fe..