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Dzi Bead with Evil Eyes Bracelet

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Material:  Crystal
Weight :  50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 10mm (Lgth 4 to 11 inches)
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This beautiful stretch elastic bracelet features the Tibetan dzi bead accented by purple or black evil eye beads, a feng shui expression of protection from bad intentions. The Evil Eye is also referred to as the Lucky Eye and was famous in the Mediterranean area to ward off the “evil eye” thought to be given by those wishing to create bad outcomes or negative situations for others. These often jealous or resentful people were said to attempt to negatively affect good fortune, success and achievement for their enemies, and the Evil Eye bracelet is one way of warding off those negative intentions and attracting good luck and happiness instead.

Crystal will be cleansed from negative energy before shipping.

Dzi (pronounced “ji”) beads are often shaped into elongated or round beads and usually made of Agate. Tibetan Dzi beads would have circle patterns on it that are called eyes or other auspicious symbols such as the Longevity, Ru Yi, Heaven and Earth symbol, just to name a few. The different numbers of eyes on the dzi beads all have different symbolic meanings.

In Tibetan and Chinese culture they are referred to as “the heavenly stone.” They are considered to be so valuable, in monetary and spiritual properties, that they are passed down from generation to generation in families and sometimes used to pay for property and other expensive items. A dzi bead would never be used to purchase something that was not for the benefit of the family.

It is a Tibetan belief that these stones can ward off the “evil eye” and other negative influence because the eye(s) of the stone is ever open and watchful. To carry or wear the stones is thought to act like a protective cloak for the bearer. This belief has crossed out of Tibet and has been adopted by other cultures.

While Dzi beads are used by some religions, notably Tibetan Buddhists, they are not associated with any one religion which can make them a good gift choice for anyone. The common belief that they are meant to promote a good aura or life-force for a person, help them with their energy, chi and presence also makes them a unique and thoughtful gift.

There are various types of Tibetan Dzi beads, here are descriptions of each of them:

Select from our over 30 types of Tibetan Dzi beads:

1 Eye Tibetan DziOne Eye Dzi Beads - symbol of intelligence and heightened education. Thought to increase levels of awareness and wisdom, analytical thinking and creativity. Suitable for students, researchers, career-minded people, analysts, strategists, designers and writers.

2 Eyes Tibetan DziTwo Eyed Dzi Beads – regarded as stones of love. Thought to bring new love to singles. Helps urge  couples toward marriage. Strengthens the relationship and make the marriage more successful. Promote faithfulness, fidelity and harmony.

3 Eyes Tibetan DziThree Eyed Dzi Beads – This type of Dzi beads is believed to conjure up the powers of the Tibetan Wealth God to enhance prosperity luck. A symbol of long life and happiness.  People who are in need turn around their life, the Three Eyed Dzi Beads is recommended.

4 Eyes Tibetan DziFour Eyed Dzi Beads – symbol of the 4 Bodhisattvas and their blessings. Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who put off entering Nirvana in order to help other beings attain enlightenment. Provides harmony, health luck, smoothen your endeavors, eradicate suffering. A dzi for the spiritually inclined and those entangled in lawsuits.  

5 Eyes Tibetan DziFive Eyed Dzi Beads – believed to bring about the power of the five directional Wealth Gods, who are thought to bring wealth luck from the four cardinal directions and from heaven. Helps you to encounter benevolent and helpful people in your life.

6 Eyes Tibetan DziSix Eyed Dzi Beads – help you carry the follower through the six major misfortunes in life: being cheated, being robbed, accidents, terminal sickness, premature death and poverty. Ideal for businessmen or those who are working to climb the corporate ladder.

7 Eyes Tibetan DziSeven Eyed Dzi – blesses the wearer with luck in the seven important aspirations of life. These seven desires include: good career, wealth, health, longevity, relationships, recognition and descendant.

8 Eyes Tibetan DziEight Eyed Dzi Beads – Represents the “eight mystical symbols” of Buddhism. The person who holds these beads is thought to be blessed by these 8 auspicious objects that collectively brings good wealth, health, love, serenity, peace, happiness, success and protection.

9 Eyes Tibetan DziNine Eyed Dzi Beads – “King of all Dzis”, they are the most sought-after of all of the Tibetan Dzi beads. The number nine is a representative of wholeness and of being full in your luck. It gets rid of obstacles in life and helps propel you into a level you never imagine you could go.

10 Eyes Tibetan DziTen Eyed Dzi Beads –  Representative of all over perfection. Provides the wearer with good karma and neutralize negative chi, creating an environment of perfect happiness and contentedness, in relationship or life in general. Believed to grant you better social status and financial gain.

11 Eyes Tibetan DziEleven Eyed Dzi Beads – Joins the powers of the 6 syllable mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra and the five Dhyani Buddhas. These joined sacred elements lead to inner harmony and “enlightenment”, as well as protect against vicious negative powers and evil forces.

12 Eyes Tibetan DziTwelve Eyed Dzi Beads – enhances confidence in one’s self, helping them to gather up his or her courage and strength in order to overcome fears and challenges. Attract the right people to your life to influence you and help you achieve your goals, professionally and financially.

13 Eyes Tibetan DziThirteen Eyed Dzi Beads – This type of Dzi bead is believed to help you to get harmony and peace in your life, this helps to balance the mind with the body.  Helps one reach “enlightenment” and to bring tranquility and increased vital force to his or her life.

15 Eyes Tibetan DziFifteen Eyed Dzi Beads – This type of Dzi bead is believed to bring “Heaven’s Luck” to the beholder. This is a very strong form of cosmic luck that provides the beholder with a rewarding life that is full of happiness and lacks any obstacles.

18 Eyes Tibetan DziEighteen Eyed Dzi Beads - believed to help protect against obsessions and compulsions. Beneficial to people who have problems with substance abuse, addictions (sexual, gambling etc.) or bad habits (OCD, cursing, nail-biting etc.) that they want to break.Those with addiction or bad habits and vices e.g. sexual addictions, drug abuse, alchoholism, gambling etc. will find the Eighteen Eye Tibetan Dzi helpful.

21 Eyes Tibetan DziTwenty-One Eyed Dzi Beads– Almost as popular as the 9 Eye Dzi, it will help one on his or her journey to reach enlightenment; they are thought to offer strength, health and wealth and help remove obstacles and hardships in order to help the beholder’s dreams come true.

Big Man Tibetan DziThe Big Man Dzi Beads – Recognized as the “Mentor Dzi Beads”, it will provide the beholder with the luck to have success with his or her mentor. Helps you to get the right influential people in to your life in order to reach your goals.

Bodhi Tree Tibetan DziThe Bodhi Tree Dzi Beads – Guards the wearer from mal intent and harm from others, and they are looked at as “holy beads.” Imparts wisdom, helps heal the wounds of the emotions, inspires you to be better in whatever you do, and keeps you in the path to reach “enlightenment”.

Constellation Tibetan DziThe Constellation Dzi Beads – Helps one to stay on the path to their personal life journey and to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. The square in the symbol stands for earth and the circle is a symbol for heaven. The dot signifies the ability for movement between the various dimensions in order to attain the unlimited treasures of the universe.

Dharma Cap Eyes Tibetan DziThe Dharma Cap Dzi Beads – Meaning wisdom, it is believed that these beads help to eliminate ignorance, humankind’s worst enemy. This Tibetan Dzi is believed to help lead to a simpler life.

Dorje Eyes Tibetan DziThe Tibetan Dorje Dzi Beads – This type of bead is believed to ward off evil spirits, cut through ignorance, improve your sense of inspiration, assist in meditation and show you “your path to enlightenment and nirvana.” Reminds the wearer of the indestructibility of knowledge.

5 Bats Eyes Tibetan DziThe Five Bats Dzi Beads – This type of Tibetan Dzi bead is believed to grant the wearer the “five different types of luck,” including those of health, success, affluence, relationships and longevity.

5 Eyes Lightning Eyes Tibetan DziThe Five Eyed Lightning Dzi Beads - bring about success in a variety of areas of life at a lightning speed. Believed to help one to become successful in his or her career, improve the level of education and intelligence, bring joy, and provide the ability to succeed in anything they try to do.

Heaven and Earth Tibetan DziThe Heaven and Earth Dzi Beads – This type of Dzi bead is great because they are said to give the ability to bring on the Trinity Luck by joining  the fortunes from heaven, earth and mankind. They are also thought to give the wearer a life full of health, wealth and happiness.

Golden Hook Tibetan DziThe Golden Hook Dzi Beads –This type of bead is thought to help inspire wealth, as well as the ability to hold on to current wealth. Comfort and wellness are also believed to be inspired by this type of bead.  Also known as Money Hook Dzi.

Guan Yin Tibetan DziThe Kwan Yin Dzi Beads – This type of bead is thought to bring mercy and compassion to the beholder. With this type of bead, it is thought that, you can experience tranquility and the ability to genuinely enjoy your life. Named after the Goddess of Mercy. Improves fertility luck.

Longevity Sau Tibetan DziThe Sau and Fortune Dzi Beads – This type of bead is believed to bring on fortune, health and protection from untimely death because of illness, accidents, mishaps or natural disasters.

Lotus Tibetan DziThe Lotus Dzi Beads – This type of bead is representative of tranquility, sincerity and purity. It is thought that this type of bead will bring you harmony of your mind and body and draw out compassion and joy from you. Symbol of spiritual perfection.

Mythical Bird Garuda Tibetan DziThe Garuda Dzi Beads – This type of bead is believed to improve one’s reputation and provide them with the ability to gain fame. Also, these beads are believed to protect against bad or evil intentions or spirits. Suitable for celebrities, authors, artists, politicians and businessmen.

Ru Yi Tibetan DziThe Ruyi Dzi Beads – bring you authority and power luck, while allowing you to advance throughout your corporate structure to gain a title of power. Ideal for high ranking officers, managers, supervisors and politicians.

Tiger Teeth Tibetan DziThe Tiger Tooth Dzi Beads - to bring about courage, strength, confidence and perseverance. You will be able to overcome any challenges in your way without a struggle and you can recovery easily. These beads are also believed to fight off evil spirits and black magic.

Tortoise Shell Tibetan DziThe Tortoise Shell Dzi Beads– This type of bead is believed to help to keep you healthy and well, with a long life to enjoy the fruits of you labor. Offer stability in your career or business.

Vajra Implement Tibetan DziThe Vajra Implement And Phurba Dzi Beads– This type of bead is believed to repel negative energy and get rid of anger and tension. Eliminates ignorance, jealousy and hatred and replace them instead with positive feelings.


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