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Double Humped Camel for Business Success & Healthy cash Flow (Red)

Price: $98.99
Price in reward points: 760
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  1,250.00g ( 2.76 lbs)
Dimension :  9.5x3.75x9.5 in
SKU:  MFSX950249 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  55
Availability:  Out Of Stock
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According to Lillian Too the Camel with Double Humps will help secure your cash flow, ensuring stability and continuous income for the time to come. A favorite symbol among entrepreneurs and businessmen, the Double Humped Camel is said to allow them to go through business difficulties with resilience and not only emerge unscathed, but with success and big profits. This gorgeous red double-hump camel is painted with many good fortune Feng shui symbols on its body.

  • The mystic knot is a 3-looped infinity symbol. In Feng Shui, it symbolizes endless success and fulfillment in all aspirations of life.
  • The cranes represent longevity, signifying the long life of the business and business owner.
  • The double fish symbolizes abundance doubled as fish sounds like "abundance" in Chinese.
  • The butterflies represent transformation luck, allowing you to move in new directions with success.
  • The Abacus is a symbol of profits and healthy cash flow
  • The mandarin ducks is a love & marriage luck symbol to ensure balance is maintained, so it is not all work and no play.

It is no surprise that Camels are an age old symbol of overcoming hardships and surviving tumultuous or trying times. They are known for their persistence and resilience. The fact that they live in one of the most unforgiving climates in the world has also imbued them with a mythology of being specially gifted with the ability to survive. Camels were also frequently used in ancient wars alongside the horse and elephant. They are surprisingly fast animals, but also capable of pacing themselves to be able to go for days without exhaustion. If ever there was an animal thought to be able to bring inspirations to your life with its presence, the camel at least has a living history of being a mammal that has a few traits you want to learn.

By emulating a camel, one can learn to travel safely through difficult times. If you are facing great challenge or see something unpleasant in the road ahead, having the image of a camel in your view can remind you of how to get through.


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