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Amethyst Geode Wealth Basin

Price: $138.99
Price in reward points: 1668
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  2,500.00g ( 5.51 lbs)
Dimension :  4.5x2.875x6.25 in (11.5x7.5x16 cm)
SKU:  MFSX953632
Reward Points:  111
Availability:  In Stock
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Be mesmerized by this lusciously fascinating crystal geode, displaying beautiful Amethyst Quartz crystals formed in its cavity. In Feng Shui, crystal geodes are also known as Wealth Basins or Wealth Bowls because they are believed to attract wealth luck. Geode cave is also said to have the potent ability to absorb, heal and transform bad energies into good ones. This is the reason it can be displayed in the main room facing the main entrance to neutralize all negative energy or Shar Chi (Killing energy) passing through it.

Amethyst is said to work miracles when it comes to healing body and mind and also draw back to you loved ones you may have lost. This crystal is ideal for supporting those hurt in love or suffering from infidelity as well as acting as a preventative charm for cheating in relationships. Place this crystal place at the foot of your bed and tie it with a red thread to use it as a Feng Shui product for preventing adultery. Also keep an amethyst in your bedroom to support deep, healing and regenerative sleep. It gentle and soothing energy will calm and relax you.

The Amethyst Crystal Geode can be used to magnify the effect of the #8 Prosperity Star, energize the SW sector for good love luck, attract good business at the reception, trigger to center sector for general good luck for the family or enhance the NE sector for Academic luck.

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