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The Great Increasing Jewel (Yellow)

Price: $68.99
Price in reward points: 828
Material:  Glass
Weight :  1,000.00g ( 2.20 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 3.125 x 2 in, Base: 2.75x2.75x1.875 in (8x5 cm, 7x7x5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX949678
Reward Points:  55
Availability:  In Stock
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This beautiful ywllow wish-fulfilling jewel is engraved with one of the most powerful mantras ever created, the "Great Increasing Jewel Fathomless Celestial Mansion Extremely Well-Abiding Secret Holy Mantra."

If you recite it three times daily or simply by touching, looking, keeping or hearing this exquisitely sacred mantra, it is believed to bring you these eight main benefits:

  1. Grant your wishes.
  2. Increase all your good deeds a million fold.
  3. Attract influence, authority and power.
  4. Gain support from others in important endeavors.
  5. Improve business and generate wealth.
  6. Remove obstacles to bring success.
  7. Purify the 5 uninterrupted negative actions and 10 non-virtuous actions.
  8. Directs you to enlightenment.

It is no wonder the Great Increasing Jewel mantra is said to be much more valuable than the sky filled with diamonds, gold, and wish-fulfilling jewels.

You can display it in your home or office.

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