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Rising Feng Shui Dragon Grasping Ball

Price: $28.99
Price in reward points: 348
Material:  Resin
Weight :  800.00g ( 1.76 lbs)
Dimension :  4.25x3.875x5.625 in (10.8x9.8x14.3 cm)
SKU:  MFSX956890
Reward Points:  23
Availability:  In Stock
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Believed to radiate positive chi in all directions, this Feng Shui dragon, firmly clutching a ball, embodies a potent source of Yang energy. The dragon's ability to channel positive energy is heightened, while the ball symbolizes the Earth element in Feng Shui practice. Consequently, this dragon is revered for its capacity to significantly bolster earth luck and empower you to grasp control over your surroundings.

This exceptional ornament is particularly beneficial for individuals in positions of authority, lending them a sense of confidence and facilitating their endeavors. The dragon's commanding presence is thought to infuse vitality and motivation. For optimal results, position it in the North sector of your home or office, where it is believed to enhance career prospects and foster a climate of accomplishment and success.

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