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Prosperity Victory Amulet Feng Shui Keychain

Price: $18.99
Price in reward points: 228
Material:  Metal
Weight :  45.00g ( 0.10 lbs)
Dimension :  2.125x2.25 in, Lgth 4.625 in (5.5x5.7 cm, 12 cm)
SKU:  MFSX945872
Reward Points:  15
Availability:  In Stock
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A highly powerful method for attracting prosperity and encouraging victory, this amulet commands attention and acts as a magnet for good fortune. It is said that this amulet is especially helpful for anyone in a competitive situation, whether it’s in business or career matters, in sports or any other situation where others may be vying for the same things you are. This amulet can be carried with you or hung on a purse or briefcase to attract victory luck. The mantra and secret emblem that are inscribed on the amulet are believed to contain power to give extra strength to one’s aura which can be seen and felt by those seeking to compete with you.

It is best to consider this amulet a vital part of your accessories and feng shui belief suggests that the longer it is worn by you, the more it becomes attuned to your aura and becomes a personal member of your spiritual “team” to bring about success, including wise investments.

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