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Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Feng Shui Keychain

Price: $21.99
Price in reward points: 264
Material:  Metal
Weight :  55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dimension :  1.25x2.375x0.125 in, Lgth 5 in (3.2x6x0.3 cm. 13 cm)
SKU:  MFSX957763
Reward Points:  18
Availability:  In Stock
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The Nobleman Gui Ren Feng Shui Talisman is designed for attracting mentor and benefactor luck, drawing helpful individuals into your life. One side showcases celestial clouds adorned with the Chinese characters for "Attract Mentor Luck," while the reverse features the Taoist Mentor Talisman.

Carry this talisman to activate the Heaven Star #6, ensuring that assistance is readily available whenever you require it. This extraordinary charm adeptly paves the way, smoothing over obstacles and encouraging solutions to manifest, almost as if by magic.

Harness the power of this Feng Shui talisman to summon the support and guidance you need for a smoother journey toward success.

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