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Feng Shui Protective Concave Bagua Mirror

Price: $12.99
Price in reward points: 156
Material:  Wood
Weight :  325.00g ( 0.72 lbs)
Dimension :  6.75x6.75x0.625 in (17x17x1.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX951275
Reward Points:  10
Availability:  In Stock
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Offering frontline protection of your home or workplace from Shar Qi or “poison arrow energy,” this bagua is used to stop threatening energy dead in its tracks, protecting the delicate Feng Shui balance of your home or workplace. Poison arrow energy is caused by sharp edges, abrupt structures, busy roads and public or municipal offices adjacent to the entrance of your building. By installing a Feng Shui bagua over the entrance of your location you engage the Feng Shui powers of the 8 trigrams of the I’Ching and the specially shaped concave mirror that sucks up malignant spirits and harmonizes poison arrows. A concave bagua is ideal if you live or work close to many other buildings or residences.

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