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Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health and Protection Keychain

Price: $20.99
Price in reward points: 252
Material:  Mix
Weight :  60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 2.375x0.375 in, Lgth 5.25 in (6x1 cm, 13.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX951864
Reward Points:  17
Availability:  In Stock
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This Medicine Buddha Amulet is a serene good health luck and protection charm. The Medicine Buddha is believed to cure and heal in Buddhism. Sworn to aid those suffering from poverty, destitution, mental illness, infection or physical deformity, this Buddha is an emblem of boundless compassion in Feng Shui.

The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He is widely worshipped in China and Tibet for his gifts of health. In feng shui he is used as a cleansing symbol for dispelling negative energy and inviting health luck in particular.

The Medicine Buddha is known for taking twelve vows detailing his personal commitment to help heal all those suffering from sickness or injury, whether physical, mental or spiritual, so that they may reach enlightenment. He swore to aid the poor and the infirm, those born with deformities, the starving, the disillusioned, the delusional, the thirsty and the otherwise afflicted by enabling the satisfaction of their material needs and helping them on the true and moral path to enlightenment.

Carrying the Medicine Buddha Amulet is said to offer protection from any kind of mental or physical harm in Feng Shui, as well as affliction from the #2 Illness Star.

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