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Colorful Liuli Wealth Bowl With Four Money Frogs

Price: $89.99
Price in reward points: 1068
Material:  Glass
Weight :  1,000.00g ( 2.20 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 4.75x3.5 in (12x9 cm)
SKU:  MFSX954219
Reward Points:  71
Availability:  In Stock
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In ancient times, the Chinese used wealth pots because of a belief that they could encourage financial growth which would be retained in the pots. They were thought to be representative of abundance. Today, the practice is often called upon in feng shui culture, believing the wealth bowl still signifies the attainment of money luck and good fortune. Homes, shops and offices often display wealth pots to magnify career and financial success and enhance business power. Endless good fortune is promised according to feng shui belief when the wealth bowl is displayed, especially in the Southeast sector or where the #8 Wealth Star resides. This beautifully colored wealth bowl shown here is surrounded with four money frogs to help you fetch prosperity from all four directions. You can fill the bowl up with gold coins, ingots, bar or real cash.

The money frog has a reputation as loving money so much that she needs to always be surrounded by it and she is shown here with two strings of coins. Many businesses display the money frog near a cash register, in a reception area or on the desk of a business owner because it is believed it will generate a money-making energy.

The process of creating the Liuli glass is unique and the items are handmade, thus each piece is unique to some degree. 

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