SNAKE's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2017

Monthly Feng Shui Predictions & Luck Analysis for Chinese Horoscope Snake for the Year of the Rooster 2017

Monthly Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Snake

Those with Zodiac sign Snake are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

It’s not a good start to the year for Snakes. The #7 Robbery/Loss Star arrives and is only made worse by the presence of the annual #9 Magnifying Star. Beware personal or property loss, robbery or betrayal. Personal safety is important, so be sure to lock your doors and windows, steer clear of strangers or new acquaintances, and avoid parking or spending time in dangerous places. Wearing the Anti-Robbery Amulet can offer feng shui help. Work looks treacherous, with possible jealousy, gossip or office politics. Even a trusted co-worker could betray you now. Snakes normally don’t like confrontation, which is a good thing – it will help you stay out of heated discussions where you or another colleague could have a loss of temper. The Anti-Burglary Amulet is a feng shui suggestion – carrying it can help fend off betrayal. For office gossip or politics, consider placing a Rooster on your desk. Stay away from new projects or investments offering quick money – they are too good to be true and could lose money for you.

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Students are affected by these same issues, so studying alone is a good idea. For all Snakes, love is tricky now. Those in a relationship could find a discussion heating up into a major argument that could leave one or both of you regretting what you said or did. This is a good time for some quiet time on your own – even if just for a couple of hours.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The #6 Heaven Luck blesses Snakes this month and success and happiness are the result. In addition, Snakes who love or work with a Dragon (because their luck is similar now) could receive even more than their fare share of blessings. Encourage a bond with the Dragon if you know one and if not, activate the Dragon energy with a Dragon statue or item displayed near you. Business and career matters are given a boost of luck now, and co-workers or a boss could very well offer the support and encouragement you have been hoping for. To encourage good relations, network and be open to ideas from those who can help you. Attending social events or conferences does well for you and a positive contact or two that you make could have long-term good effects. Just don’t force an encounter – let it come naturally. Students also receive help and encouragement from mentors or someone close to them.

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Snakes – singles in particular – will feel love in the air. This is a good time to look for that special someone, so be open to your instincts about them.

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3rd Month (5th-April to 5th-May 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

A negative combination of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star and the already present #9 Magnifying Star takes a toll on Snakes now. There will be setbacks or obstacles, and with this, energy is depleted and stress takes over. Put off major meetings, the launching of new projects, or negotiations if at all possible, because your judgment isn’t what it should be and you could make mistakes. Get more rest – keep a lighter schedule. If you feel you may miss a deadline, notify your boss ahead of time and things will fare better. You’ll be your worst critic now. Wear less yellow or red to pacify negative energy now, and consider putting the Heart Sutra Feng Shui Pillar - 6 inches in your home sector – the Southeast. Also, carry a Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Keychain for additional protection.

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The student should be satisfied with the status quo now, rather than participating in new activities. It takes all you have to maintain what you already have. The stress Snakes feel could spill over in love matters, too, and you could speak or act in a harsh way with a love partner. Don’t feel you need to win every argument.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-June 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

There’s a definite improvement in luck over last month and the #4 Peach Blossom Star is responsible. There should be smoother sailing at work and in your personal life, even if there were hard feelings from a previous disagreement. Also, the #9 Prosperity/Magnifying Star arrives to join the #4, multiplying good luck potential in personal relationships and in financial matters. Your charm and ability to communicate are courtesy of the Peach Blossom and co-workers and teammates are more than happy to support you and even offer help. Accepting this support can help keep your stress under control and allow you more time to focus on details. You may catch the eye of someone in a power position at work, who will be impressed by your work ethic. Increased profits, personally and professionally, may be the result. Consider extra promotion or marketing of a project for even better results. Students experience the Scholastic Star benefits of the #4 and now is the time to pursue new studies you may have been considering.

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Love is all around, and now’s the time to enjoy. Singles may find a special person and those already in a relationship could find their relationship deepening even more.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

There is a major change from last month’s good luck. The #3 Quarrelsome Star affects Snakes, causing temper tantrums and over-sensitivity where discussions are concerned, both at work and at home. Be extra careful what you say or do, or even a legal issue could arise. Wear a Red Eagle Keychain for Hostile Star 3 to help fend off anger from others, and consider spending more time working alone. The Southeast sector at home and work should be kept free from distractions to help maintain peace. Keep to what you are already involved in, rather than seeking new projects or signing new contracts. Display a Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star #3.

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Students could become involved in arguments with friends now, because patience will be low. Staying on your own a bit is advised. The love and romance luck situation is negative now for Snakes. It’s best to walk away from minor disagreements with partners rather than trying to angrily make a point. Singles would be wise to wait a bit to pursue romance.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

The #2 Illness Star definitely threatens the Snake now. There is a higher susceptibility toward illness or a lack of energy. Pamper yourself by resting more and eating better, and if you can take a brief vacation, even better. This is not the time to participate in dangerous or risky activities, either. To help lessen illness, wear or carry the Garuda Good Health Feng Shui Keychain or the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck. Avoid sleeping in the Southeast sector is also advised. Since energy and health are under threat now, avoid taking on more work or seeking new projects. Stick with what you know and what you’re working on, and you should be able to meet deadlines. You could have a tendency to try rushing through a project, just to get it done, but this only makes you more likely to make mistakes. Trusted co-workers should be happy to help, if you want them to.

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Even the young Snake feels less up to their potential now.It’s best to focus on a few things of interest, whether at school or in hobbies, rather than overdoing it. Love and romance will be favored if you seek a partner who appeals to you more than just physically. Look for a feeling of emotional and intellectual connection instead.

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7th Month (8th-Aug to 7th-Sep 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Get ready for an outstanding month, Snakes! Both the #1 Victory Star and the #9 Magnifying Star are present, creating enhanced good luck, made even more powerful because they create the lucky sum-of-ten. You’ll have confidence and a positive outlook to help you move ahead. There could be sudden changes in work or career, but they may be blessings in disguise, turning out better than you ever thought. If you’ve thought of expanding a business or taking a small risky step, things should go well. Keep in contact with associates, learn a new skill or get more knowledge, and there is much to be accomplished. Enhance the #1 Star with a Feng Shui Victory Banner for Success Luck. Carry also a Trinity of Victory Horses Keychain.

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The student Snake could be pointed in a different direction  in a course of studies, but this could lead to something new and exciting, so be on the lookout. Love and romance are pleasing, whether singles make a first move toward someone new or whether others feel it’s the time to get more serious.

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8th Month (8th-Sep to 7th-Oct 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Plenty of good fortune arrives for the Snake, due to the doubling of the Future Prosperity Star in your chart. Be patient, though, because not all luck will arrive at once. You can certainly take action right away, and work hard, but be realistic in your plans and goals so that you’ll have confidence to succeed. Your positive attitude will be noticed by co-workers, who will admire you and perhaps help you with some of the work you need to do. During all of this work and success, a boss may also take notice and bring you one step closer on your career path.

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Students do well in studies and may even feel they can offer help to a fellow student or friend. They’ll certainly have the positive attitude to do so. Singles could find admirers now, but take your time and give the relationship a chance to unfold nicely. In fact, you may be more interested in attending parties or group gatherings rather than tying yourself down yet.

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9th Month (8th-Oct to 6th-Nov 2017)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The Prosperity Star brings good fortune on many levels. Wealth chances increase and may even include a windfall. You’ll sense the good luck in the air, which gives you confidence and a positive attitude. To fully activate this money luck, carry The Stupa of Eight Doors to Abundance Keychain or God of Wealth Keychain, especially if you have investments to protect. Display a Eight Wealth Trees with Birds to activate wealth luck. Taking a few slight risks and adding some adventurous moves could go well now, but think things through. Your enthusiasm will attract support from others as long as you include them in what you are doing and give them credit when they help you. Otherwise, jealousy or gossip could occur.

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It’s a great time for students to experiment with a new class or seek new knowledge. And in love, let yourself go and just be YOU, since this will attract people. Don’t try to control your romantic life, and be ready for surprises. A new relationship could prove very exciting this month.

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10th Month (7th-Nov to 6th-Dec 2017)

The #7 Loss/Betrayal/Violence Star appears and caution is needed to avoid danger with finances, betrayal by someone you may trust, and to keep you personally safe from danger. Work and business atmospheres are filled with hostile energy and possible jealousy or rivalry. Now isn’t the time to attempt new, risky plans, and be careful what you say about any new projects, since even an ally could turn on you. It’s best to plan for the future rather than hoping to achieve everything at once. If you really trust your team, stay with them and advise them to keep the team’s efforts a secret from jealous co-workers. Display a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Cure for Violent Star in the SE.

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Student Snakes could become discouraged because they don’t feel their study efforts are showing perfect results. Keep trying and learn from difficulties that may occur. Love and romance are not at their best and could be a source of tension or anger. It’s ok to stay home and miss a party or gathering, and a little alone time, even without your partner, is a suggestion.

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11th Month (7th-Dec 2017 to 5th-Jan 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN SNAKE's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – EXCELLENT

The #6 Heaven Star ushers in exciting times for the Snake. Past problems or roadblocks are resolved and a mentor could be involved in helping you with this.  Trust your good luck and follow your instincts, because you’ll also have support from co-workers or your boss.  A higher-up may notice your hard work and consider a promotion. New opportunities and new doors opening will be around you, but take time to decide what’s really right for you. Otherwise, something that seems perfect may not actually be that way. Activate your already excellent Qui Ren luck by carrying a Gui Ren Noblemen Talisman for Success Keychain and displaying the Gui Ren Plaque for Nobleman Luck in your Southeast sector.

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Student Snakes have a mentor looking to help offer advice and support, whether it’s a teacher, parent or an older sibling.  Love and romance are exciting now.  If you desire someone who is not aware of it, turn on your charm and they could fall for you easily. Don’t rush, though – make sure the relationship is really what you’d hoped it would be.

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12th Month (6th-Jan to 3rd-Feb 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN SNAKE's Monthly Chinese Horoscope – CAUTIOUS

The arrival of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star threatens roadblocks in several areas for the Snake this month. You may try to handle everything on your own, but consider asking family or friends for help instead. Feng shui culture suggests carrying the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Keychain now and placing a 6 inch Golden Mantra Pagoda one in your Southeast sector. This is especially important since the presence of the #9 Magnifying Star strengthens the potential of negativity. You’ll need to work hard to accomplish much now and this could frustrate you or make your temper flare. Put off important meetings or making important decisions for now, because your frame of mind isn’t good. Taking risks with finances is also not advised.

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In romance, misunderstandings with a partner could arise quickly and you’ll need to watch your temper because it’s easy to say or do something you’ll regret. The student Snake feels overwhelmed by the amount of studies they have and would do well to focus on the most important tasks first instead of looking at all studies at once.

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