Feng Shui Victory Banner for Success Luck

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The victory banner is one of the 8 auspicious objects. It is a flag or standard that was originally carried by ancient Indian soldiers in times of war. In time it came to represent the Buddha’s victory over Mara or evil in his pursuit of enlightenment.

In feng shui this flag is representative of success in overcoming great obstacles or adversity. When Buddha overcame the great challenges presented to him by evil energies he was able to achieve nirvana. The feng shui victory banner is thus a great symbol of the total domination of dark forces by the clearing energy of enlightenment.

It is said that Buddha placed the very first victory banner himself atop Mount Meru (Mt. Meru symbolizing the center of the universe) to symbolize his triumph over the limits of the universe. Victory banners are usually showcased on the roofs of Buddhist temples in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia and Thailand. In Tibetan tradition there are eleven specific different forms of the victory banner, each aiding in overcoming a different human shortcoming or obstacle.

The victory banner appears as a dome or conical shape with a parasol at the top. In feng shui the parasol is specifically representative of repelling negative energy in business, ensuring one’s satisfaction with their career and employment aspirations. The victory banner is mounted upon a pole and rimmed by a lavish moon-crest from which flows billowing white scarves. At the center of the top is often depicted a wish-granting gem.  

Here are some feng shui cures for placing the victory banner:

  1. Place a victory banner in the center of your home or office. This will empower you with the energy to overcome significant adversity and obstacles on your path to higher success.
  2. Place a victory banner in the section where the number one flying white star resides for the year to enhance this star’s luck bringing in noblemen and career luck. It will doubtlessly aide you in overcoming obstacles as well.

If you are taking on a big project it is a good idea to either wear or carry a feng shui victory banner or place one on your desk. This will powerfully symbolize your success in overcoming all obstacles and reaching a higher destiny.

The victory banner is also said to be very useful in feng shui as enhancing wealth and aiding in its recovery for those who have been through trying times recently.

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