Six Yellow Jasper Prosperity Gold Ingots Tassels

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Material:  Crystal
Weight :  50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dimension :  1x0.375x0.5 in, Lgth 8.25 in (2.5x1x1.3 cm, 21 cm)
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Six pieces of Yellow Jasper are used here to represent gold ingots, a highly powerful feng shui symbol of wealth luck. Ingots were the ancient currency in China for influential people such as government officials, emperors and royalty. The feng shui belief is that the gold ingots release magnified wealth luck and good chi. It is advised that to increase feng shui powerful good luck this item can be hung in a car or bag, or near a desk at work or home as a money luck magnifier.

Yellow Jasper is often referred to as the “nurturing stone” because of the belief that it can bring relief from emotional or mental ailments. It is said to give one courage and perseverance to overcome obstacles, while intensifying the powers of the brain, providing clearer thinking, better intelligence…and perhaps even more sexual satisfaction.

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