Rhinoceros and Elephant in Natural Habitat

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Material:  Resin
Weight :  1,500.00g ( 3.31 lbs)
Dimension :  7.875x5.375x4 in (20x14x10 cm)
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This formidable statue of an elephant and rhinoceros in their natural habitat is an extra potent Feng Shui cure for the Violent #7 star. Said to cause violence, crime, robbery and bloodshed this statue is supercharged to fight this star’s damaging metal energy. With the strongest creatures in the animal kingdom by your side you will have nothing to fear from this star. They are depicted in their natural habitat of Mountains and Water. The Mountain promotes harmonious relationships, while the Water triggers the indirect prosperity luck of the Southwest.

Crafted out of a beautiful translucent blue and green resin, this statue is thoroughly endowed with water energy which exhausts the #7 star’s metal. Place it in the area affected by this star to fortify your home or workplace against its negative energy.

The blue elephant and the rhinoceros are seen as great symbols of strength and endurance in feng shui. They are especially honored as a cure for the #7 Violent Star from the period 8 which will be affecting us until 2024. The number seven Violent Star is a very inauspicious one. It brings with it misfortunes such as bloodshed, crime, violence and financial losses. It is important to be on lookout for your own safety and maintain extra caution while this #7 Violent Star is in effect.

The matriach, Sheep and Monkeys are afflicted in 2017, so are those who sleep in or have their main entrance facing/located in SW. Place it in the SW in 2017.

Track the yearly movement of the #7 Betrayal Star here


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