PIG's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2017

Monthly Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for Pig for the Year of the Rooster 2017

Monthly Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Pig

Those with Zodiac sign Boar/Pig are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2017)
PIG's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

The year begins at a fast pace for the Pig, but fortunately their energy level allows them to keep up with opportunities that come along. Networking could do well now and supporters could come out of this, or from existing colleagues at work. If you feel good about a plan or project after thinking it over, don’t over think matters or you could lose the opportunity. In fact, consider taking a leadership role if you truly believe in it! The presence of the #9 Future Prosperity Star means potential financial luck, though it will come in stages rather than all at once, so be patient. Promote yourself in a non-bragging way, and speak up at meetings or in negotiations. You can help build your profile by carrying the Nine Ring Sword Keychain. Students may have lots of studies or tests but seem able to meet deadlines and succeed, paving the way to future prosperity. Watch out for the monthly #2 Sickness Star in your chart.

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Love and romance look promising if the Pig is interested. There could be more than one admirer paying attention to you. This could mean you’ll have to increase your romantic side, though, since your sign is often more about practical matters rather than romantic ones.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2017)
PIG's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Even though the #2 Illness Star still resides in your chart, its power to threaten sickness is overcome for the most part, since it combines with the arrival of the #8 Wealth Star to make the sum-of-ten. Now is the time to pursue your goals and go after your dreams, because completion luck is on your side. You’ll need to work hard but the success you achieve will keep you motivated. Support from those around you at work will help you achieve what you desire, even if a small error or challenge comes along. Opportunities or offers are presented to you, so keep an open mind and stay focused – something special may come from this. The #8 offers help in terms of investments, even though results won’t be major just yet. Welcoming the Bejeweled Wealth King Gesar Statue into the Northwest sector at work can intensify financial luck. Another suggestion is to recite King Gesar’s mantra of: “Om Benza Maha Guru Mani Ratna Sarwa Siddhi Pala Hung.”  Student Pigs experience a boost in education luck this month.

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Because good luck increases, the Pig’s personality gets a boost and potential romantic partners will notice this and approach you. Those in a committed relationship may consider moving a romance to the next level now.      

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3rd Month (5th-April to 5th-May 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

A Big Money 2/7 HoTu in your chart helps Pigs reap rewards now. But it is achieved with the combination of the #7 Betrayal/Loss Star and the #2 Illness Stars, both threatening happiness and health. Rest and take care of yourself more, and beware potential jealousy or betrayal at work, even from someone you consider a friend. There is a chance for a bonus or other financial moneymaker, but you’ll need to make sure everything is above board and not too good to be true. Carrying the Annual Spring Amulet helps maximize good energy now, and to minimize jealousy or gossip, place a Rooster figurine on your desk. It will help to “peck away” gossip or negative energy. Display an Anti Burglary Plaque to Counter Robbery Star in the NW.

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Student Pigs also experience a threat of arguments or jealousy and would do well to spend a little quiet time to avoid harming relationships. Pigs could attract love now, but it’s more likely it will be someone to temporarily appear in your life, rather than a soul mate. Use caution and don’t rush into a relationship.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-June 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Lots of potential for personal and professional luck comes to Pigs due to the presence of the #6 Heavenly Star. Your instincts are good now and you could also benefit from the help of a mentor or person in an influential position. You can help draw influential and helpful people to you by carrying the Heavenly Star Keychain, and networking or attending social events can also open you up to new ways of thinking about your career. Display also a Polaris Heavenly Star Feng Shui Enhancer in the NW. Ask for help or advice if you need it, even if it’s someone you just recently met, without appearing too eager. Students could also have mentor luck, in the form of a teacher or an understanding parent.

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Singles have potential for many admirers and the main concern will be whether to keep romance light or move at a faster pace. Just make sure you feel strongly about the person and it is reciprocated before choosing to settle down. If you question any part of the relationship, take a step back and re-evaluate. Listen to your heart and make sure the partnership is for the best.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

Pigs are affected by the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star now, creating havoc and blocking success. Delays or obstacles arise and arguments are likely, even with those you are otherwise close to, including co-workers. Lie low rather than trying to stand out now, while still moving ahead with your work, and allow time for extra rest to avoid stress from lack of sleep; pamper yourself. It’s necessary to maintain self-confidence, even if someone pushes you hard about things. To seek peace, keep your Northwest sector calm and free of noise or distractions. Avoiding this sector entirely is even a possibility. To minimize negative energy, place a 7 inch Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda in the Northwest this month, and wear metallic colors or white. Carry the Golden Mantra Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain.

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The student Pig may be criticized unfairly now, but should let it roll off and continue working, perhaps more on their own. Love is also blocked from happiness, and it’s necessary to avoid letting minor issues turn into major arguments, since unfaithfulness is a potential threat otherwise. 

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

This is a good month for relationships both personal and career wise. The #4 Peach Blossom Star arrives, giving extra chances to increase popularity and happiness. This is a good time to network or socialize to attract new relationships and business contacts. The Pig seeking a promotion at work may find this happening, but there could also be an offer from outside your current place of work. Consider carefully. Make sure it’s really worth it to make a change, because not only promotion potential but also new levels of involvement are rewarded where you currently are. This is a good time to conduct meetings, make negotiations and seek new deals, because your people skills from the #4 Star help you shine. Be patient, though – some results will be fast in coming, but others will take a bit of time to fully develop.

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Student Pigs enjoy success in studies and tests this month. In love, times are romantic, especially for the single Pig who will have no shortage of admirers. If someone special captures your attention, don’t fear making a move!

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7th Month (8th-Aug to 7th-Sep 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

Tempers flare and tensions arise this month, due to the #3 Quarrelsome Star. Whether at work or home, relationships could be affected if Pigs are not careful. Watch what you do or say and don’t feel you have to win a point all the time. Office politics, backstabbing and gossip surround you at work, so try to stay clear of getting into a heated discussion, and work alone whenever possible. Carrying the Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony can be of help in warding off the #3’s negativity. Meetings or negotiations are not favored now, and be careful of the possibility of a legal issue or even a lawsuit due to a disagreement that reaches a boiling point. Display a Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque in the NW to suppress the hostile star.

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The student has problems with studies now if an argument arises with a friend, so work alone now and spend less time socializing for best results. Disagreements in love and romance are also possible, and if severe, they could permanently harm a relationship. Singles are wise to wait a bit before seeking a new relationship.        

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8th Month (8th-Sep to 7th-Oct 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

A doubling of the #2 Illness Star will lessen chances of luck for this month. Forty-six-year-old Metal Boars and 82-year-old Wood Boars must be especially cautious of their health. All Boars should avoid spending time in the Northwest sector, and if a health issue arises, get to the doctor sooner rather than later. Physical injury is another side effect of the #2, so now isn’t the time for risky sports or activities. Hang a Feng Shui 6 Yellow Jasper Wu Lou Hanging in your car or carry one can help keep illness or injury under control, and placing a Goddess Kuan Yin with Garuda or a Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa in your Northwest sector at home or work helps provide health protection. Stay busy at work, but don’t overdo it or try taking on new and time-consuming projects, because you could become stressed or even damage your health. It’s ok to ask a trusted co-worker for help if you feel too stressed. Odds are, they’ll enjoy it and this could even turn into a work relationship that continues on.

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A balance of studies and social activities is needed for student Boars, so they don’t tire too much from studies.  In love, go with your heart and let things happen naturally, rather than trying to push or over think a relationship.    

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9th Month (8th-Oct to 6th-Nov 2017)
BOAR's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

The #1 Victory Star brings chances of new projects, new beginnings, and new opportunities, all of which have good luck potential. It could find you stepping outside your comfort zone and making some changes, but this could be just what you need to open a new path for yourself. If you’ve been tempted to chase a dream, think about it and then keep an open mind as you forge ahead. Work matters could find you needing to learn a new skill, but don’t be intimidated. Even if you make a few mistakes in the beginning, you could find that this helps you grow. With victory luck on your side, trust yourself more and don’t be afraid of asking co-workers for support or advice. Display a Power Elephant with Warrior and Magic Barrel and carry a Victory Power Elephant with Magic Barrel Keychain to trigger your victory luck.

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The student Boar experiences exam luck and success with studies. Working hard and concentrating more will definitely pay off, if you stay focused and don’t socialize too much. In love matters, singles who are looking for a special person could find them now. Those in a relationship might be ready to take a step forward, perhaps even with an engagement or wedding. For a few, though, It could become obvious that all efforts have failed in trying to keep a relationship together, and it may be time to walk away, opening the door to better happiness for both of you.

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10th Month (7th-Nov to 6th-Dec 2017)

The #2 Illness Star and the #9 Magnifying Star loom in the Boar’s presence now so effort needs to be taken to combat this negative energy. Taking things easy and not trying to make this an outstanding month is the best way to achieve some success. You may feel overwhelmed by extra responsibilities or projects but don’t be afraid to admit early on that you are in over your head. Choose your work wisely and then move forward. Focus more on long-term success rather than short term, because there is promise in your future.  Co-workers or investors could step forward to help you and it’s a good thing for all concerned.  To make sure you are protected against the magnification of health problems, carry the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck.

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The student has some study luck now, and can afford to find a balance of studies and fun activities with friends, as long as they aren’t dangerous, since the #2 attracts accidents.  In love, some Boars find things moving quickly and more than one admirer could emerge. Keep the relationship light for now rather than rushing in, though, until you are both sure the partnership is truly satisfying.  

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11th Month (7th-Dec 2017 to 5th-Jan 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN BOAR's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – GOOD

The #8 Prosperity and the #2 Illness Star combine to grant the fortunate sum-of-ten to the Boar now. Normally, the #2 would indicate illness, but it is lessened when it’s part of the sum-of-ten. Success could be a series of small victories instead of major ones, but keep positive and know more is ahead.  This is a good time to make plans and form a set of goals while financial success blesses you. To take best advantage of the sum-of-ten, use the Bejeweled Mystic Knot in the NW this month and carry a Bejeweled Power of 8 Lucky Keychain. Feng shui advice also includes placing a Brass Monkey on Horse with Stamp (L) in the Northwest sector of your work space. Cash flow looks promising, perhaps from increased sales or new customers. A small risk or new opportunity is safe to explore now.

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An active study experience is ahead for students, with much success ahead.  In love, the Boar may be so focused on their success possibilities that they forget their personal life. Relax and release stress, and if you notice someone appealing, don’t hesitate to pursue them. This could be the time to meet someone very special.  

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12th Month (6th-Jan to 3rd-Feb 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN BOAR's Monthly Chinese Horoscope – CAUTIOUS

The year ends with a mixture of luck for the Boar. The #2 Illness Star and the #7 Betrayal/Loss Star are present and pose threats for you. It’s fortunate that together they create an auspicious 2/7 Big Money HoTu to help balance out your luck. But when you do succeed now, jealousy may follow you, so don’t boast about your positive accomplishments. Carrying the Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain is a feng shui tip for encouraging financial developments, but at the same time, avoid the negativity by wearing the Anti-Evil Eye Amulet to prevent rivalry around you. A truly loyal boss or co-worker will rally to support you and your ideas, but beware those who are not so supportive and in fact try to backstab you. Be the nicest you can and avoid risks that could make your potential enemies feel vindicated.

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Boars may be so busy trying to find success that they aren’t really interested in love this month and for some singles, this could be a good thing. For others, though, too many admirers could create a love triangle. Even those in a relationship must use caution against infidelity.  Students would be better off working alone now rather than participating in a study group or studying with friends, because competition could arise and even lead to an argument that harms a friendship.

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