OX's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2017

Monthly Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for Ox for the Year of the Rooster 2017

Monthly Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Ox

Those with Zodiac sign Ox are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

The year begins a bit rocky for the Ox because of the #2 Illness Star. Energy could be low and you may be more prone to sickness. Pamper yourself – get rest and watch your diet. Staying away from dangerous sports is a good idea, too. To minimize the negativity of the #2, wear or carry a Garuda Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck. The pace at work may seem too much for you because your energy is low. To accommodate this situation, try to create a schedule that you can handle and if certain projects can wait, feel free to postpone them. Above all, don’t actively take on new ventures or projects because there will be a better time for this. Even asking for help from co-workers will not erase the possibility of obstacles, though it could help. To attract a higher energy level, carry the More Yang than Yin Feng Shui Keychain. Students should follow this same advice – balancing studies with times of relaxation.

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A surprising burst of love comes your way now, and singles may find romance from a potentially surprising source. Be ready!

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The #1 Victory Star brings auspicious luck for the Ox. This is the time to pursue your dreams, reach for your goals, enjoy study luck and potentially find your special someone. Everything seems possible now. You may not be an official leader at work but it will seem that way, since co-workers will seek your advice and look to you for action. This may open the door to a promotion, since higher-ups will take notice. Gladly share your ideas with others. Making long-term plans works well now, even if they involve something outside your normal level of comfort. You have the power to overcome the competition. Students enjoy victory in their studies and can help encourage this if they carry the Education and Scholastic Keychain.

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In love, the single Ox fares well in their search. Those already in a relationship can feel deep romance, but there is also the threat of infidelity. Be careful, as this could lead to a very bad situation that could cause lasting harm to your relationship.

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3rd Month (5th-April to 5th-May 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

The auspicious 4/9 HoTu is formed in your chart now, with the joining of the positive Future Prosperity Star and the Peach Blossom Star. Challenges may still arise, but your confidence and capabilities can get your though. Follow your instincts to achieve short-term success and know that long-term success will come soon. Carrying the Increasing Business Talisman Keychain or asking the Yellow Tara Mirror for Increasing Prosperity and Abundance for added success in career and business is an excellent idea. The Ox has motivation and good work ethics, so staying busy can help you achieve the promotion you’ve wanted. Co-workers will be happy to help if you need it. Just be careful not to become so eager for success that you are stressed, as this is not appealing to those around you.

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The student Ox’s motivation and energy levels are high, and recognition luck is in their chart. In love, stay open-minded and step out of your comfort zone if you think you are attracted to someone. A new relationship now is good, but don’t move too quickly.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-June 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

The Prosperity Star arrives, bringing potential for wealth in business, a chance for promotions, or even a windfall. It’s ok to be a little risky now with ideas, because success chances look good. The Ox can attract positive people because their energy and optimism is contagious. Opportunities arise – don’t be afraid to pursue some of them. Evaluate your career plans and if you’re not where you want to be, think of what you can do to take a step forward. Think twice, though, if you’re offered a new job elsewhere. It may be too good to be true. Staying at your present work location could offer chances to start a new project and enjoy success in meetings or negotiations you participate in, which leads to financial success. Feng Shui masters suggest that you display a Eight Wealth Trees with Birds or Assorted Crystal Balls on Star of David Symbol in the NE to enhance the wealth star and carry a Bejeweled Power of 8 Lucky Keychain. Though you will experience success, it may come with the threat of envy from someone. Carrying the Evil Eye with Om Mani Padme Hum Keychain can help keep competitors at bay. Students succeed with studies but will have to put in work, while still taking an occasional break.

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Love is favored but the Ox is often too picky, so try to relax and just enjoy casual dates until you’re sure of your feelings. Some, though, will be ready to move forward in a relationship.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Caution is necessary this month, in all areas of the Ox’s life. The presence of the #7 Robbery/Loss Star poses a threat to personal safety and problems in business and personal situations. Place a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Cure for Violent Star. Be aware of your surroundings – check for locked windows and doors and avoid dangerous neighborhoods, as violence lurks. Carrying the Anti Burglary Keychain 2017 can provide protection against robbery or theft. It’s also wise to avoid risk-taking at work, meaning no major financial moves, entering into new contracts or hiring new personnel. Even co-workers or friends you trust could suddenly turn on you, due to office politics, gossip or jealousy. Stay on your own whenever possible, and consider displaying a Rooster figure on your desk – it can help “peck away” negative energy. Your inner essence is not strong now so you may have to work more than usual to overcome roadblocks. To make sure no one unfairly blames you for something, double check your work to avoid mistakes.

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The student Ox enjoys some study luck but others may be jealous of this, so avoid boasting and stay on your own more for now. Love suffers, as well, with arguments escalating from minor disagreements. Singles should take dating or new relationships very slow now.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Many chances for good fortune exist for the Ox. Blessings from the #6 Heaven Star can occur in any area of your life. On top of this, the #4 Peach Blossom Star arrives, creating the highly auspicious sum-of-ten. Business opportunities abound, but don’t wait too long to choose what you want to do, and then move forward. You will have the stamina and enthusiasm to move you along. Just have patience, because some wealth luck arrives now and some takes a bit more time to fully materialize.Just know it’s there for you.Mentor luck is heightened now, providing support and knowledge that’s yours for the asking. To attract this, try displaying a Gui Ren Plaque for Nobleman Luck on your work desk, or carry a Gui Ren Noblemen Talisman for Success Keychain with you for constant support. Networking and socializing pay off now and you are popular because of the #4 Star, but realize that someone could be envious of that.

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Students are also blessed with Mentor luck – especially from a teacher or someone in a position to influence studies.This is a happy time in love and romance, and it’s possible to find that special love partner now. Your charisma will attract admirers, but if they don’t make the first move, pursue them!

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7th Month (8th-Aug to 7th-Sep 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Last month’s good fortune has left you, and the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star arrives instead. Don’t let this take you by surprise, and don’t be discouraged. The obstacles and setbacks are temporary. Keep your temper under control to avoid saying or doing something you would regret. At work, ideas or plans you think are good could be seen differently by those around you. Stay with what you know and work alone, because conflict surrounds you. If promising projects are suggested, think carefully before committing to anything.  Major decisions or important meetings should be put off if possible. Place a Five Yellow cure Golden Five Element Pagoda (6 inches) in your Northeast sector to help combat the negative #5, and wear a protective amulet Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Pendant to help ward off misfortune.

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The student Ox may be tempted to take on too many studies or projects, but this could affect concentration and cause frustration. Arguments are possible even with those you consider a friend, so working alone is advised whenever you can. Love is not at its best for the Ox, and singles should wait to seek a new love. Those in a relationship should wait till later to make a deeper commitment in love.

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8th Month (8th-Sep to 7th-Oct 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

A double presence of the Peach Blossom Star brings auspicious luck to the Ox. All types of relationships look strong, whether it’s a friendship, business association or love. Those around you support you and your plans, and networking can help this even more. Financial luck can be a direct result of this career support. Asking someone to help you, if you trust them, is a wise choice because you can more effectively work toward success. They’ll support your ideas, even if they are a bit unusual. Just keep the partnership professional instead of romantic, or this could affect the outcome of your plans.

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The scholastic side of the #4 star benefits students, who do well in tests, especially if they have worked hard and studied well. In love, the single Ox may find a special someone among the admirers who are around. The married Ox also enjoys strong romance with their partner, but there is a temptation to flirt or cheat elsewhere, nevertheless, so focus on what you already have.

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9th Month (8th-Oct to 6th-Nov 2017)
OX's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The Ox needs to be on alert, because unfortunate luck lies ahead. This is due to the appearance of the #3 Quarrelsome Star. This brings angry energy and a flare of tempers – yours and also those around you. Think before you react to something because you may say or do something you’ll be sorry for. If you don’t keep your actions and temper under control, there could be major arguments, legal issues, or a run-in with the police. Carrying the Red Eagle Keychain for Hostile Star 3 is a way of helping to minimize anger in your environment. Office politics is another problem at work, so carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet or display the Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star #3 on your desk, to rise above gossip or conflict. Wait till another time to enter into agreements, sign contracts or launch new projects.

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A tendency to be overly sensitive to the thoughts or actions of others can cause students to focus more on the conflict and less on studies, so some time alone is suggested. Love is affected now, too. Singles in a new relationship may do well, but those in a long relationship or marriage could see minor disagreements go way too far, including a possibility to break up, so fight the urge to win an argument.

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10th Month (7th-Nov to 6th-Dec 2017)
HOROSCOPE SIGN OX's Monthly Luck Forecast – CAUTIOUS

There are struggles ahead for the Ox now. Low energy and possible health issues are a threat, courtesy of the #2 Illness Star. Accidents also loom ahead and avoiding dangerous activities or sports is advised. Take care of yourself first – eat better, get more sleep, and don’t ignore symptoms of a possible illness. Wearing the Medicine Buddha Pendant or carrying the Medicine Buddha Script Keychain can help magnify the protection you need. The Ox who is elderly or chronically ill should avoid sleeping in the Northwest or Northeast sector this month.  Because of your weakened energy, work and business will suffer somewhat, not because you’re not enthusiastic but because you don’t have the stamina. Take a sick day if you feel ill rather than powering through, and you’ll be stronger afterward. Manage the amount of projects you take on and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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The student Ox finds illness may affect studies and needs to take breaks and pace themselves in studies. Love needs to be peaceful now rather than passionate. Attending small gatherings to meet someone is good, and staying home with your special someone helps couples.

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11th Month (7th-Dec 2017 to 5th-Jan 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN OX's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – EXCELLENT

The #1 Victory Star brings good luck to the Ox now, resulting in harmony and success in endeavors. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and driven toward goals; just don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Stay focused in business and career matters and don’t shy away from new responsibilities or the opportunity to learn a new skill. You’ll be supported by others and could even make a new, supportive friend. Dream big and put in hard work, even if you need to change your thinking or apply new methods to what you do, because success is in order. Place a Power Elephant with Warrior and Magic Barrel in the NE. Carry a Brown Tribute Horse with Plate of Auspicious Fruits Keychain.

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The Ox student has mentor luck from a parent, teacher or professor, so be alert to their suggestions and opportunities they present to you.  Love and romance shine for the Ox, with singles possibly finding someone special. Those in a relationship need to make sure they aren’t playing games with someone or forcing love just to feel good. If you don’t think this is really the right person, it may be time to move on. Married Ox may enjoy a brief vacation together to bring back passion.  

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12th Month (6th-Jan to 3rd-Feb 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN OX's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – GOOD

Last month’s good luck is still present. Projects you’ve already begun move forward nicely, and new plans can be launched. The #4 Peach Blossom Star and the #9 Future Prosperity Star combine to create a fortunate HoTu combination, promising business and recognition luck for the Ox. You’ll be very busy now, but luck is on your side, even if you need to take a small risk to make things work. You’ll tend to feel overwhelmed by all the opportunities opening up at work but staying positive helps greatly. The possibilities for prosperity and promotion luck are high and this should boost your confidence, making others look up to you, even in a mentoring position. You have leadership qualities this month, with heightened charisma. The #9 Future Prosperity Star’s presence gives you the enthusiasm to make plans for the future.  Keep your reputation in mind, though, and don’t get so carried away with plans that you forget your inner principles.

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The Ox has a favorable love life now and your charm attracts admirers. If you see someone you want to pursue, go for it because it’s likely they are secretly attracted to you, too.  The student has a desire to study hard and do well, but someone could try to distract you or bring you down.  Don’t let this happen.

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