Anti Burglary Totem Feng Shui Cure for Robbery Star

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Material:  Resin
Weight :  575.00g ( 1.27 lbs)
Dimension :  2.5x2.5x8.625 in (6.4x6.4x22 cm)
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This lovely and colorful Anti-Burglary Totem is considered a feng shui cure of protection from robbery, betrayal or accidents and is also used to ward off the negative effects of the Period 8 #7 Violent Star.

The totem features a stunning blue pillar with a blue rhinoceros atop it, and is embossed with elephant and rhinoceros images, as a symbol of strength and protection. They are considered peaceful animals, who can turn aggressive if necessary, to ward off threats. The #7 Flying Star is an evil one, wreaking havoc not only from burglary or robbery, but also by way of violent actions leading to arguments in business or personal settings. It is said to also cause breaks in relationships caused by cheating.

According to feng shui culture, displaying this Anti-Burglary Totem in a sector affected by the Violent #7 can protect against harm. The basic element of the Violent Star is metal, but water dilutes metal’s effects, thus the color blue displayed here represents a strong force of water to combat the metal.

Placing this totem toward the entrance to a business location is said to provide feng shui protection from enemies or competitors who may wish to derail your career luck.


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