3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns

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Material:  Metal
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Dimension :  2.25x1.625x4 in (5.7x4.1x10.2 cm)
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This gold-plated medallion features two powerful icons thought to enhance success in many areas of life. On one side of the medallion is the 3-Legged Bird, a mythical creature thought to attract career luck and advancement while the other side features the 3 Suns, believed to remove conflicts that might otherwise stand in the way of success. Strong mantras of protection are inscribed on both sides. The 3-legged bird is said to represent the three foundations of the human condition – Heaven, Earth, and Mankind. The bird is believed to have the ability to transform into other auspicious birds – the duck, representing marriage luck, the peacock, for recognition luck, and the phoenix, for overall strength and power. These elements combine to attract harmonious love, business success and power. The 3 Suns represent the power to sustain life itself, since no human can survive without the power of the sun. This Feng Shui item can be used to help fight the negativity of the #3 Flying Star, which provokes quarrels and attracts lawsuits. It helps provide additional harmony and good fortune and placing this mirror in your home or office serves as a feng shui protector against harm.

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