Chinese Horoscope Guardian Deity Pendant for Rabbit

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Dimension :  1.25x2x0.375 in, Lgth 16.5 in (3x5x1 cm, 42 cm)
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There are eight Buddhist deities who protect the 12 Chinese Horoscope signs, with each deity protecting one (or two) Zodiac animals. The patron Horoscope Guardian deity of the Rabbit is Bodhisattva Manjushuri. Wearing your Guardian deity amulet close to you not only protects you from harm, it is also believed to help remove obstacles in your path, bring good fortune, attract good health and expel disasters.

Bodhisattva Manjushuri is one of the Four Great Bodhisattva of Asia, also known as the Bodhisattva of Supreme Wisdom and Beautiful Splendor. He brings realizations and opens one's wisdom mind. Considered the wisest of the Bodhisattva, people pray to Manjushri for good examination luck. He is believed to bestow education and marriage luck and helps dispel material problems.

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