DRAGON's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2017

Monthly Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast and Predictions for Dragon for the Year of the Rooster 2017

Monthly Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Dragon

Those with Zodiac sign Dragon are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

Dragons must use caution in this first month of the year. Doubly negative luck arrives with the monthly #7 Robbery/Loss Star, heightened by the annual #9 Magnifying Star. Betrayal, loss of money or property and violence are all possibilities, unfortunately. For your personal safety, wear amulets and avoid darkened or dangerous places. At work, your trust of colleagues may shatter due to backstabbing, office politics, jealousy or gossip. It’s best to stay out of arguments or discussions on the job, and carrying the Ten Hum Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain is a good feng shui suggestion. Displaying the Rooster on your desk can help “peck away” gossip or bad intentions. Watch your finances – this is not the time to invest or look for money-making projects because they could be too good to be true. Students also risk betrayal or loss and would be wise to keep more to themselves, and out of harm’s way.

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Love and romance will not be very good for Dragons, either. Mild discussions with a partner could flare into serious arguments and things could be done or said that one or both of you could regret.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The #6 Heaven Flying Star brings blessings of success and mentor luck to Dragons now. Welcome this good fortune and have faith in its power. Displaying a Golden Deities Heaven Seal Crystal Prism or Polaris Heavenly Star Feng Shui Enhancer in your home’s Southeast sector can activate and enhance the #6’s energy. Work and career stand to gain from these blessings with camaraderie with co-workers blossoms. Someone new may also appreciate you and your efforts. This is a good time to network with co-workers and even your boss. You could make positive impressions that lead to a promotion or recognition. There could be a couple of slight roadblocks along the way, but you are able to overcome then due to your heavenly guidance. Follow your dreams – pursue what you desire. The student Dragon welcomes new opportunities and the possibility of a wise mentor.

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Because Dragons are positive at this time, this energy will attract a fair share of love. The single Dragon attracts perhaps more than one admirer, but don’t jump in too quickly to anything serious. Those in a committed relationship may feel now is the time to deepen a relationship even more.

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3rd Month (5th-April to 5th-May 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

Several negative stars are part of your chart now, Dragons. The #9 Magnifying Star is already present, and the arriving monthly #5 Yellow Misfortune Star is only made worse by it. Problems arise at work, so stay out of minor disagreements that could grow more heated. Keep to yourself and focus on your own work rather than trying to be part of what others do. Investments could suffer and customers who pay you could present a problem right now. Because of these difficulties, your confidence level could fall and stress could set in. Things will improve, so try to rise above this. Carrying the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Keychain can help pacify negativity, and placing the Golden Five Element Pagoda (6 inches) in the Southeast, your home sector, strengthens the protection.

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Students will experience difficulties with others, as well, and concentration levels may drop. With all of these issues, love and romance suffer now, too. Your irritable temper and stress is bound to affect others. If you’re not in a relationship, consider waiting for another time to pursue love.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-June 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Improved relationships, either business or personal, are favored due to the presence of the #4 Peach Blossom Star. People will be drawn to you and camaraderie at work elevates. Co-workers will be happy to support you or help, but make sure you maintain a leadership position. Competition could arise but your charm helps you win the day. Networking and social events look promising, so take part when you can. The #9 Magnifying Star is also in your chart and when it combines with the #4, it creates the highly auspicious Ho Tu, with potential for commercial and overall wealth success. If new opportunities arise, take a good look, as they could begin something that will improve as time moves on. Students enjoy increased concentration and will find studies easier than usual.

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Love bonds could be made stronger now, leading to an engagement, marriage or possible renewal of vows. If you feel you are both ready for it, take the first step. However, if you are not fully sure of the relationship, step back and make sure this is really the person for you.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The presence of the #3 Quarrelsome Star threatens all areas of the Dragon’s life this month. Your own temper and the temper of those around you can play havoc with relationships. Curb your desire to make a point in arguments to the point where you alienate people. You could be way too overly sensitive to what others say or do, and this could be said for how others react, too. Staying more to yourself is a wise idea for now, because acting out of stress could even create a legal issue with someone in your work environment. The feng shui advice for this is to carry the Red Eagle Keychain for Hostile Star 3 to tame your temper and keep the anger of others at bay, and to display a Feng Shui Fire Red Ball Cure.

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Students enjoy some study luck but should not be boastful about it, because even friends could become jealous. Study alone and keep your temper under control. Love for Dragons is stressful this month, with minor disagreements with a partner quickly turning heated. Singles should wait a month to pursue love, as a new relationship could become hostile.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

Energy and enthusiasm levels are down now, due to the presence of the #2 Illness Star. This could affect your productivity level at the office or in your career.Pampering yourself may be just what you need. Eat better, take things slower, and get more rest. If you focus on the things you feel you must accomplish and let a couple of others wait a bit, it will relieve stress but also help you do high quality work. There will still be a bit of anxiety or a feeling of being overwhelmed, which affects decision-making abilities, so stay away from new negotiations or projects, and avoid signing contracts. Trusted co-workers will support you, if you call upon them for help. Stay out of the Southeast sector for now, and wear or carry the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck or Garuda Good Health Feng Shui Keychain to help minimize risk of illness.

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The young Dragon may feel a sapping of their energy, too.Focus on what you feel you are best at and what really needs to be done, and then allow for some rest.In love and romance, singles could find that special someone, so keep eyes and ears open. Don’t be afraid – this area looks best in your chart this month.

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7th Month (8th-Aug to 7th-Sep 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The #1 Victory Star and the #9 Magnifying Star work together now to bring good luck, made even better when they form the auspicious sum-of-ten for you. Completion luck blesses you, so projects you began earlier can have a successful conclusion. Your neighbor the Snake shares much of your same luck now, so if you know someone who is a Snake, consider involving them in something that you do, for even more advanced success. If you don’t have a Snake co-worker or friend, you can attract the Snake energy by displaying a Snake and a Dragon in your Southeast sector. You’ll have confidence in work matters and can outdo the competition, even if you find yourself in slightly unfamiliar territory. Plans in your comfort zone may be better overall now, but if risks seem to present themselves, think long and hard and make sure you trust what they promise. Boost the #1 Star with a Power Elephant with Warrior and Magic Barrel.

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Students face added studies but can find a way to maintain good grades while still enjoying time with friends. Love and romance look good, and if you find someone promising, don’t be afraid to make a move. If you’ve considered moving a relationship forward, this may be the time.

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8th Month (8th-Sep to 7th-Oct 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

A doubling of the #9 Future Prosperity Star creates good luck but also causes a fast pace and a flood of opportunities. Remember to take a bit of time to yourself now and then so the activities don’t overwhelm you. Some results will occur quickly where financial luck is concerned, but continue to make plans and work hard, because the prosperity is on track to keep unfolding as time goes on. It’s ok to take on a partner or call upon your team if you feel you need help to accomplish what you are working on. But let these people shine, too, so that they don’t feel that you are trying to compete against them or overshadow them.

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Students will also be working hard now, and succeeding, but need to be patient to see the best results of their studies. Dragons can expect love and romance, even a potential serious love relationship. But patience is best here, too, so that you can build the partnership carefully.

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9th Month (8th-Oct to 6th-Nov 2017)
DRAGON's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Two auspicious stars emerge for Dragons – the #8 Prosperity Star and the resident #9 Magnifying Star, which further enhances financial possibilities. Opportunities will be around you, and when you feel good about them, take a slight risk and act quickly. Consider offers carefully, but also trust that luck is on your side. Your energy and enthusiasm help things go well. To magnify possibilities of money luck, carry The Stupa of Eight Doors to Abundance Keychain or God of Wealth Keychain. Display a Eight Wealth Trees with Birds to activate wealth luck. Those around you at work will offer support, helping you to advance faster on projects. Don’t be surprised if a boss takes notice, possibly offering a promotion. This can be attracted by displaying a Brass Monkey with Peach atop Horse or a Monkey with Stamp on Horse (S) on your desk.

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The student Dragon has success with studies but must learn to balance studies with social activities so that parties or friends don’t get in the way of education luck. Admirers will find Dragons now, and it may mean choosing the right person who fits into your life. Those already in a relationship must use caution, though, since temptation is a risk this month.

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10th Month (7th-Nov to 6th-Dec 2017)

Luck isn’t favorable for Dragons just now, due to the presence of the #7 Loss/Betrayal/Robbery Star. It could be best to lay low now rather than using too much energy to push through an idea or project, because you could become stressed. Jealousy and office politics arise at work and you’ll need to think carefully regarding someone you really trust before sharing an idea, because even a close ally could betray you now.  Carry the Blue Sodalite Rhino and Elephant Protection Hanging to keep gossip at bay and to keep you from becoming involved in a discussion where you say or do the wrong thing. To help keep jealousy or rivalry at bay, spin the Red Tara’s Prayer Wheel daily and wear her watch with a moving mantra. These feng shui protections are extra important since the #9 Magnifying Star is also present and intensifies the danger around you. Watch your finances and stay away from risks since money loss could happen.

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Students encounter roadblocks to their studies and must work extra hard. Love is less important to Dragons now because of everything else they are dealing with. Waiting for romance is fine – your energy is needed elsewhere.

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11th Month (7th-Dec 2017 to 5th-Jan 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN DRAGON's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – EXCELLENT

The #6 Heaven Star blesses Dragons now, improving luck and bringing new opportunities. A mentor could even appear, so be on the lookout. Follow your dreams – don’t hold back, even if it means making changes in thinking or work methods. Networking could result in new contacts at work or in your career. Promotion luck is available, and could even mean a career change as well. You have the chance for leadership growth, but don’t forget those you work with, because they are willing to help and support you. If you’re interested in taking a class or attending a convention, this goes very well for you. It will serve you well to display a Polaris Heavenly Star Feng Shui Enhancer in the SE.

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Mentor luck is available to students now, from a teacher, parent or even an older sibling, so welcome it. In love, set time aside to spend with your partner and romance shines. Singles could find love in an unexpected way, even on a blind date, so keep an open mind and don’t immediately say “no” to something.

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12th Month (6th-Jan to 3rd-Feb 2018)
ZODIAC SIGN DRAGON's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast – CAUTIOUS

Stress and misfortune are possible, due to the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. Office gossip could occur and a minor disagreement could turn serious at work, so walking away is the best choice.  A feng shui tip is to carry the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Keychain as well as displaying a 7 inch Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda in your home sector, the Southeast. Unfortunately, the #9 Magnifying Star is also present, making negativity that much stronger. You’ll have many responsibilities at work, and it’s important not to carry any personal issues you’re having with you when you enter the office, since your productivity could suffer.  If you can, take a brief vacation to clear your head and de-stress. Your emotions are on edge at times, and you take offense at something done or said to you, when no harm was meant. You may try blaming someone else if an obstacle occurs, but wait till you have all the facts.

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It’s best to keep things casual in love now. It might be tempting to settle for a person who’s not right for you, just to have companionship, or you might want to make a relationship serious too soon. The student Dragon could let personal or outside issues affect their focus on their studies now but taking a break or talking out a problem can help sort things out.

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