Boudhanath Stupa Fengshui Keychain

Price: $18.99
Price in reward points: 228
Material:  Metal
Weight :  55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dimension :  1.25x1.25x1.5 in, Lgth 3.625 in (3x3x4 cm, 9 cm)
SKU:  MFSX939876
Reward Points:  15
Availability:  In Stock
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People who are fortunate enough to connect with the Boudhanath Stupa are believed to have blessings of happiness, prosperity and good fortune not only in this life but in future lives, too.

Carrying the Boudhanath Stupa keychain is believed to help stand guard over you, trapping negative energy or problems from four directions before they reach you. It also helps offer spiritual protection, purifying your environment. Feng shui culture considers this cure capable of minimizing yearly afflictions and keeping away hostile people. It’s said the Bhoudhanath Stupa blesses one with material and spiritual wishes and allows your personal aura to bring about what’s best for you.

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