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Water Wave with Pearl Amulet Feng Shui Keychain

Price: $21.99
Price in reward points: 262
Material:  Metal
Weight :  60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dimension :  1.625x2.25x0.375 in, Lgth 5.125 in (4x5.7x1 cm, 13 cm)
SKU:  MFSX957969
Reward Points:  17
Availability:  In Stock
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In the year 2024, the absence of the Water element, representing Wealth, in the annual birth chart poses a challenge. However, there exists hidden Water, indicating hidden prosperity and untapped opportunities. While financial endeavors might face hurdles, the potential for wealth creation remains. The year requires the balancing influence of Water to address the chart's imbalance, making the symbolic presence of Water essential.

Embrace our Water Wave With Pearl Feng Shui amulet, designed to harmonize the elemental energies. This amulet, kept close to you at all times, acts as a conduit to the hidden wealth energies, offering a pathway to financial abundance. Additionally, it features the Taoist talisman for Wealth, believed to enhance its potency in attracting prosperity and ensuring your financial well-being. Carry this Feng Shui amulet to unlock the year's hidden riches and navigate the year with confidence.


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