2021 SNAKE's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Snake in the Year of the Metal OX 2021

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2021 for Snake

Those with Zodiac sign Snake are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

It’s a fresh start for Snakes this year and you begin with a good outlook and the enthusiasm to confidently approach projects. This good attitude of yours motivates those around you, too, so let them in, as opposed to relying on your usual loner approach to life. It’s a good time to put plans in action and take on your goals, since financial prospects look good for you and your business. Your instincts tell you the correct path to take, so follow your own advice, while also exploring new directions you may not have followed before. Call on your allies to help support you and open doors if they can. To fully awaken and maximize success prospects, carry the Life Force Amulet with Red Windhorse and Wishgranting Mantra or Windhorse Success Amulet Feng Shui Keychain. Since a mentor is also close by, place the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Plaque for Mentor Luck on your desk to welcome the presence of this wise person.

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The student Snake is energetic and able to complete study projects. It’s time to aim high and your hard work will pay off. In love, Snakes have no shortage of admirers. You might even find yourself swept off your feet by someone this month! Singles should consider a quiet social activity where they can meet someone, since you’ve been spending too much time on your own, not open to romantic possibilities.


2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – POOR

Snakes are generally calm, but this month, even they are quick to anger or respond to tension. Stay away from heated discussions that could turn more powerful, because your temper and the tempers of those around you could reach a boiling point. You’ll have to fight against becoming impatient if a team member or co-worker isn’t able to keep their normal pace, because losing your temper or being overly critical could reflect more on you than on them. It’s not the time for major plans or meetings. Carry the Apple Peace Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to help tame relationships with others and consider wearing red to add a calming influence to angry energy. Display the Gold Apple with Peace Symbol in the SE.

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Students may have a hard time meeting deadlines. Time management is key, so it may mean focusing more on studies and less on outside activities or sports at the moment. Carry the Feng Shui Scholastic Keychain for Education Luck. In love, times are upsetting and even those in a good relationship could find it difficult to please a partner. Walk away from a discussion rather than trying to insist on your way, to protect your relationship. Carry the Love Amulet With Moon Rabbit Feng Shui Keychain.


3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Now is the time for Snakes to take better care of themselves, with the presence of the #2 Illness Star. Get better rest, eat and drink in a healthy way. You’re vulnerable to a virus or other illness, as well as an accident, so steer clear of sports for now and take it easy. To protect against the worst of health problems, keep a Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou with Bagua Lid or Heart Mantra Vairocana Mini Plaque close to you, in the Southeast sector. Another wise method for warding off illness is by carrying the Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health and Protection Keychain. Because your energy is down you may be frustrated at the progress at work, but working harder won’t help you, and could lead to an exhausted state instead. Ask supportive co-workers to help you and it could deepen an association on the job. Financial success could still be accomplished but not from risky schemes or investments. Research what you’re doing and focus on what you feel you can accomplish. Prioritize tasks instead of taking on too much.

The student Snake who may be having problems with studies could find wise advice from a parent who’s eager to help. Love and romance help Snakes the most now, with singles having a chance to find someone meaningful. Speak up if you have feelings for someone. Those in a relationship receive comfort when they need it the most.


4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

The presence of the #1 Victory Star brings about new beginnings and new opportunities for Snakes. This can lead to a step forward on your career path. Even large changes in your life can be happily dealt with and work in your favor. Be enthusiastic, have faith and know you are up to the challenge. You’ll be seen as a leader but don’t push others too far or appear overbearing or you could lose support. You can’t afford to burn bridges now – others are important to you. Consider the next moves you make. You may want to go on a new career path. But you might also stay where you are with good results. Either way, financial rewards are in store. If you remain in your current work location, explore how your co-workers could blend ideas with you and create something new and exciting. This may be in the area of technology. You can get a boost in wealth potential by placing the Desktop Flag Of Victory with Windhorse on your desk and by calling on the Winning-Chip Talisman with Wealth Mantra Keychain for financial increases.

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The student Snake succeeds in studies, even enjoying new subjects or educational directions. The Snake is charming, and love can be pleasurable now. If someone catches your eye, don’t wait for them to make the move. Dream big – go after your crush but avoid a relationship with someone who’s committed elsewhere. You’ll be able to attract almost anyone now – but choose wisely.


5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star appears in your chart, made worse by the visiting Magnifying Star. They create roadblocks to happiness and success, but don’t let this get you down. By the end of the month things will begin to turn around. Expect office politics at work – don’t insert your opinion because it could be misunderstood. There is also potential for someone to go after your job by backstabbing you in some way. Don’t trust anyone, even a friend, completely right now. Be a team player with a positive attitude. If things go wrong, don’t blame yourself or others, just carry on to better things. It’s not a good time to make major decisions on the job and spending too much money to promote your ideas will not pay off. Place a Five Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life (7 inches) in the SE and carry a 5 Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life Feng Shui Keychain.

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The student Snake needs to be more disciplined in studies while staying upbeat. It will be too easy to become discouraged if things don’t immediately turn out well. Find new ways to approach your study projects. Display a Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success on your desk. Love is possibly surprising for Snakes. You may fall for someone totally inappropriate for you and still, this could turn out to work very well for you both! If you think family and friends aren’t yet ready to condone the relationship, keep it to yourselves for now and avoid a serious commitment. The married Snake could see major arguments arising from minor disagreements. Aim for peace and walk away before too much tension harms the relationship. Place a Colorful Liuli Pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom.


6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Your confidence level raises as you realize you are on the right track for success. This is courtesy of the Prosperity Star, which boosts good fortune possibilities, even through something like a windfall, lottery win or an inheritance of some sort. A pay raise is.possible and others admire your ideas and work ethic. The level of charm and persuasion you naturally possess helps you climb the ladder of success. Enjoy your positive energy now but also take a look at your future goals. If you feel a slight adjustment in plans is necessary, go for it, without making any huge moves. Trust your instincts at all times. Carrying the Crimson Phoenix Lunar Mansion Talisman Feng Shui Keychain helps your sense of timing guide you to auspicious levels.

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In matters of love, singles have admirers and should enjoy this without rushing into anything too complicated or permanent. It’s also a time to enjoy close friendships this month, too.


7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

The #7 Loss/Betrayal Star threatens treacherous activity for Snakes this month. Keep some opinions and ideas to yourself rather than sharing everything. Even an ally could turn on you or steal an idea. While many aspects of work run smoothly, beware someone who’s jealous of you or tries to blame you for something. It’s important to double check your work to eliminate mistakes that could be used against you. Carrying the Anti Burglary Amulet Feng Shui Keychain 2021 and placing the Feng Shui Rooster with Crown on your desk helps ward off backbiting and gossip or office politics. Keep a slow but steady pace and plan smartly to accomplish the most now. Since the #7 also affects danger or robbery, check your security system and place the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Cure for Violent Star or the Anti Burglary Plaque With Door Guardians in your Southeast sector and near entrances to your home.

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Students could have important scholastic decisions to make soon and could find themselves interested in a new area of studying. In romance, singles might find a special someone now and want to make a fast commitment but it’s best to wait a bit – even just until next month. Those in a relationship find more comfort and support from a partner and should offer them the same.


8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

The #6 Heavenly Star brings about blessings from above and an unseen hand could guide you in the right direction. If you see opportunities, don’t hesitate – they are a gift. When others want to help, let them share their wisdom. Success is highly likely now and co-workers and your boss will appreciate you and your ideas. Networking helps you connect with new allies. Don’t be afraid to share ideas and keep an open mind if they suggest something outside your comfort zone. Carrying the Celestial Water Dragon Feng Shui Keychain is encouraged for Snakes, to welcome in Heavenly luck and good fortune. Also, display the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Plaque for Mentor Luck in the SE.

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The student has new enthusiasm to learn. If a friend tries to talk you out of something you really want to do, ignore them and move ahead. Love is passionate and exciting for Snakes now. It’s a good time for singles, but beware trusting someone new right away – build your trust of them slowly. Married Snakes could rekindle the relationship with their spouse.


9th Month (8th-October to 6th-November 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Luck is mixed now. A double influence of the #5 Misfortune Star creates tension and potential harm, but it also forms the fortunate Sum-of-Ten. It won’t be an easy month, but some success can be achieved. You may be prone to making mistakes on the job, so double check your work so someone competitive doesn’t use this against you. Follow the rules for now rather than trying to be bold and daring. Your creativity will still shine through. If office politics arise, turn away from gossip and focus on more positive ventures. It’s a time to make plans for long term success rather than jumping into risky investments that don’t work out. You may miss opportunities but know that you will still succeed. Overworking or being stressed can cause health issues, so take better care of yourself and carry the Five Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life Feng Shui Amulet to ward off harm. Carrying the Sum-of-Ten Amulet Feng Shui Keychain (Red) helps maximize positive fortune now.

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Students have less enthusiasm for studies now and will have to work harder to achieve more. Carry the Life Force Amulet with Red Windhorse and Wishgranting Mantra. In love, times are rocky for many. You aren’t actually that interested in romance right now, anyway. Singles are wise to forego commitment at the moment. There will be an improvement in love soon enough for Snakes. Place the Colorful Liuli Pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks in the SW or on your night stand.


10th Month (7th-November to 6th-December 2021)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

Your networking abilities are excellent, your love life blossoms, and people are easily drawn to you. You have a good relationship this month compared to the previous month. Expectations for your career take an incredible turn as you become more productive and full of ideas. People who come into contact with you at work create an indelible effect on you. Not everyone will be pleased with your progress, so keep an eye on your back and be careful who you hang out with. Attend business launches, meet new people, and develop existing relationships during this time. You can also make new plans, but remember to listen to your body and relax when necessary. The Ah Dakini Popularity Amulet Feng Shui Keychain aids in the development of networking skills as well as the strengthening of good relationships.

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Single Snakes this month attract a lot of attention, so prepare to be surrounded by admirers. Amazing improvement awaits Snakes that are in a partnership. Challenge yourself, Snakes, and study above your level or class. Set higher goals for yourself this month and be prepared to meet them, as well as to experience a variety of breakthroughs. This month, rest is crucial for Students, so make time for yourself to boost your productivity.


11th Month (7th-December 2021 to 5th-January 2022)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – POOR

This month for the snake will see a Quarrelsome Star and your life will go for a toss. Do not get tempted by others and stay away from arguments. They may not turn in your favour as you might be misunderstood. There may be confrontations with the authorities and you might end up embroiled in court cases. Lie low and avoid any conflicts of any kind. The Apple Peace Amulet Feng Shui Keychain might be helpful in warding off negative energies. Your colleagues might have an edge over you though they may not be as competent as you are. But you should leave aside such differences for now. Concentrate on your work for achieving success. It may be possible that you don’t get excellent results but they would not be bad either. Placing a Feng Shui Rooster with Crown on your office desk might drive the result in your favour.

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Nothing can replace hard work is the lesson for the student Snake this month. Studying in isolation is the key instead of studying in groups. Define your timelines so as to achieve your targets. Not a good time for arguments in love life and it would be better to stay at peace for now. New relationships should be avoided altogether.


12th Month (6th-January to 3rd-February 2022)
SNAKE's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

This is a stay-at-home month in which you only venture outdoors when absolutely required. You run the danger of catching a variety of illnesses as well as being involved in an accident. This month, avoid driving. When you do, be sure you follow all safety procedures. Carrying Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health and Protection Keychain protects you from being ill and getting harmful viruses. Use your strong social and communication abilities to establish a positive relationship. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your business network. Rather than replacing or inventing, focus on enhancing current initiatives. When it comes to getting things done, take the easier and simpler approach. Because your financial luck is poor, you should avoid taking financial risks because you will almost certainly lose money. The "Hum" Dakini Wealth Pi Yao Amulet Feng Shui Keychain might help you enhance your money luck and avoid major losses.

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Those in a relationship are blessed with good fortune. Singles born under this horoscope should be open-minded when it comes to seeking love. People in relationships should assist their spouses emotionally.
Young Snakes receive all of the assistance they require to be confident and motivated. But don't go overboard because you're impatient. Develop healthy habits such as sleeping on time and eating a well-balanced meal.



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