SHEEP's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2019

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Sheep in the Year of the Boar 2019

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2019 for Sheep

Those with Zodiac sign Sheep are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Two stars, one positive and one negative, converge on the Sheep as the New 2019 Year begins. The #8 Wealth Luck Star offers financial success but the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star threatens to create havoc if you are not careful. Too much Earth energy comes from this #5 Star, so it must be balanced by feng shui cures such as the Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda, placed in the Southwest sector and in other rooms you often spend time in. Carry also the Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain to balance the negativity and protect against misfortune. Your ideas and plans can overcome negativity and make this an important phase in your work life. A raise is possible, as is a promotion, so step up if asked to take on more responsibility – it will pay off. A Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree or Feng Shui Eight Auspicious Objects placed on your desk helps activate money luck and give a boost to finances. Carry a Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain.

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Friendship rather than heated passion or love is in store for Sheep this month. A friendship could deepen and provide fun or even a possible business venture, if you’ve considered it in the past. As for romance, be open-minded if you meet someone. You may not feel a strong spark at first but staying in touch with them could lead to romance in the future.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – POOR

It’s a dangerous month for Sheep, both in business and personal matters. This can be physical danger or the possibility for loss of money. The #7 Robbery/Betrayal Star is to blame. It will take great caution and an attempt to maintain a positive attitude to get through this time. It helps to take time for relaxing activities because you’ll be tempted to think exceptionally hard work will bring you success, when instead it could cause stress. Be careful of trusting someone too much in business or your personal life. Even someone you consider an ally could become jealous or competitive and could go behind your back. The #7 creates potential for physical harm or robbery, so consider carrying the Kwan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain to ward off this threat. Double check that doors and windows are locked or add extra home security now.

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Friendship fares better than romance now. Spend time with family and friends instead of seeking a soul mate because the energy isn’t favorable. However, married Sheep could be surprised that a partner is especially understanding of what they are going through, providing comfort when it’s needed the most.

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3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Because of the arrival of the #6 Heavenly Star, opportunities present themselves and your good judgement and instincts will point you in the right direction. Your enthusiasm leads the way to success and success is definitely available. However, it won’t just fall in your lap. Look around – keep eyes and ears open to potential projects and then take action. A mentor could enter the picture as well. You should listen to this person and accept the help they offer because it could open doors to new and exciting ventures. To attract mentor luck, keep a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain nearby. It’s best not to expect good fortune to come rushing in. It will come in stages, and thinking in the long term will serve you well. Each achievement is a stepping stone along your upward path.

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An old acquaintance or friend could re-enter your environment now. Accept this person and embrace the opportunity for a renewed relationship, whether friendship or something deeper. Networking and attending social events is advised, since you’ll need to mingle and leave your home in order to find love and romance.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

With the double negativity of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star, Sheep will need to seek protection wherever possible. This energy could affect personal and business matters. However, in spite of this, the two #5’s work together to form an auspicious sum-of-ten, so all is not lost. Completion luck is created and can help you overcome an obstacle or roadblock. Too much Earth energy is in your chart now, and wearing white will help bring Metal energy into your atmosphere, taming the worst of the negativity. Not only this month but throughout 2019, carrying the Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain or 5 Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain is wise feng shui advice for calming protection. Lie low at work and double check your work because someone could be waiting for you to make a mistake. It’s not the time for launching major plans. Beware office politics or gossip. Displaying a Brass Feng Shui Cicada on your work desk can help ward off this petty energy. Don’t become discouraged now. You may have some success but bigger success will come later, and it’s possible that some opportunities will pass you by for now.

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Love is a favorable area of the chart for Sheep. Those in a marriage or committed relationship find solace with a partner who is understanding and listens to your problems. The single Sheep should feel free to date, though it’s unlikely that now is the time to find a soul mate.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Business and personal relationships are favored with good luck this month. Even someone who might not have shown support in the past sees you in a different light and appreciates you and your efforts now. Networking and socializing get a boost by your charm and could lead to a new ally or friend, so accept invitations. At work, a boss could take notice of you and support your ideas, so use this opportunity to shine. Beware someone who could try to take the credit for something you do, though.

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Exam luck comes to student Sheep and even subjects that weren’t successful or appealing previously are undertaken in a favorable way now. Students can maximize the benefits of this energy by displaying the 13-tier Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda Tower. It increases concentration on studies. Admirers seek out Sheep this month, so date happily as long as you know the person is available, otherwise gossip could follow you. A blind date could lead to a satisfying relationship, so if friends try to fix you up with someone, give them the benefit of the doubt.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – BAD

Negative energy arrives with the #3 Quarrelsome Star and Sheep must watch their own temper and beware bad tempers from others. Don’t try to win a point in an argument – walk away before it escalates. It may be a good time for more solitary pursuits or working alone, since being around people leaves you open to conflict. It’s certainly not the time to network or socialize. Your decision-making skills suffer so if you make a mistake, own up to it and move forward. To help tame angry energy, wear the color red and carry the Apple Peace Hanging Keychain. Placing a Gold Apple with Peace Symbol on your desk is another suggestion to ward off hostility. At its worst, the #3 Star poses a legal threat so be careful what you say or do. If you can, take a vacation to escape the tension.

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Confrontations arise in friendship and love this month, even with those you normally consider close to you. Don’t insist on making your point or winning an argument. In fact, steer clear of the discussion because even with a love partner, the relationship could be damaged in the heat of anger.

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7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Health issues dominate the month for Sheep due to the presence of the #2 Illness Star. Resistance is lowered and it’s easier to catch a cold or the flu. Injuries are also possible so it’s best to stay clear of risky sports or anywhere where there is a large crowd. If you notice a symptom appearing, consider visiting a doctor early on so you can prevent anything serious. Wise feng shui advice to ward off health problems involves wearing or carrying a Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain or Bunch of Chalcedony Wulou for Health Keychain. At work, pick and choose your workload rather than trying to take on too much because this causes stress. Ask for help when necessary, to help meet deadlines. This is also a way to allow a co-worker to show you their loyalty and prove their worth. Be careful of excessive spending now because wealth is only minor at the moment. This includes avoiding making new investments that could go wrong.

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Romance is uneventful but peaceful now. If you are single and an admirer pays attention to you, it’s worth pursuing but keep the pace slow. The married or committed Horse needs to be careful of flirtations or temptation. Instead, pay attention to your current relationship and help it flourish.

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8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

The #1 Victory Star ushers in good fortune for the Sheep and your heightened energy and enthusiasm levels help you achieve what you have wished for. To increase the chance for success, carry the Victory Amulet, whether it’s used for business or personal matters. This is a time for new beginnings – don’t be afraid! If you show confidence, you can make the most of the victory luck that surrounds you. Others see you in a leadership capacity and willingly support you and your ideas, so quit doubting yourself. This is a month of “spring cleaning” – clear out the old and usher in the new, refreshed lifestyle you desire.

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Students have success with studies and exams and may be offered a scholarship or other award. Sheep have love luck now and could find many admirers vying for attention. This will be most welcome, since it’s an improvement over the past. An existing relationship could deepen now leading to a form of commitment, perhaps an engagement or marriage.

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9th Month (8th-October to 7th-November 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – POOR

The Sheep must be wary this month against the presence of the #5 Yellow Misfortune, which is intensified by the additional presence of the #9 Magnifying Star. The Wu Wang energy magnifies and you’ll need to lie low to avoid negative energy whenever your can. It’s not the time to try new things – stick with what you know because even then, it will take hard work and effort to just handle projects and plans already in the works. It’s not a good time to offer help to co-workers, either, because your time needs to spent on your own tasks. Feng shui advice of wearing gold helps fend off bad chi now and also prevents ill effects from jealousy and gossip that could be around you. Walk away from office politics or heated discussions. Display a Tri-Coloured Five Element Feng Shui Pagoda (6 in).

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Trouble could affect love and social matters now and trust – or lack of it – is at the heart of it. Don’t let this harm a partnership, and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. You may feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities this month but remain calm and you can help others while not harming yourself and your emotional wellbeing.

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10th Month (8th-November to 6th-December 2019)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – AVERAGE

Wealth luck arrives from the #8 Prosperity/Wealth Star, but its full effects will be slightly dampened by the additional presence of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. There will be excessive Earth energy present which needs to be minimized by adding Metal energy. Consider placing a Bejeweled Mystic Knot in the Southwest, the Sheep’s sector, and wear white or jewelry that is silver or gold. One color to avoid now is the color yellow, which only attracts negative energy. Business matters are encouraging but should not be highly risky. Play it safe with decision-making and instead, make plans for future projects. The #5 Star is also known for causing low self-confidence or health issues. Keep people from seeing your insecurity by carrying the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain.

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Love shows promise but it’s best to move slowly rather than rushing in too fast and then learning that the person isn’t right. Married or committed Sheep may find arguments arising with a partner, so it’s advised to carry the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain to protect against damaging the relationship. Students have good study luck and should do well in exams but should also leave time to balance studies with relaxation.


11th Month (7th-December 2019 to 6th-January 2020)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – BAD

Two negative stars combine to create a dangerous month for the Sheep, so success and happiness take a direct hit. The #7 Robbery/Loss Star and the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star are both present, affecting relationships of all types. Work is highly stressful, and you’d do well to lie low, trusting your own instincts rather than relying on others, since betrayal is possible. Steer clear of heated discussions. Wearing shades of blue or the color black is a way to add a calming influence to the month’s negativity. Money loss is threatened, so carry the Kwan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain to protect against investment loss or personal theft. The female Sheep should be careful venturing out alone at night and it’s wise feng shui advice to carry the Ten Hum with Double Dorje Wheel Keychain if you must be away from home. Even in the safety of your home, make sure doors and windows are locked and keep a Blue Elephant and Rhino With Talisman Feathers and Anti-Robbery Amulet by the front door to guard against burglary.

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Love partners can provide support now but could also lead you into an argument, so if things get heated, walk away from the discussion. Comfort is more beneficial than passion for now. Carry the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain. Beware health issues this month, particularly from food poisoning or some type of illness involving your mouth.


12th Month (7th-January to 3rd-February 2020)
SHEEP's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

The close to the Year of the Boar is an auspicious one for Sheep. Prosperity is likely and wise advice or a helping hand from a mentor is entirely possible so stay alert to this. Listen to wise advice and be willing to implement it in your life and plans. Money luck is favored, even in the form of a windfall or inheritance, though more likely from a bonus or financial achievement on the job. Career matters improve due to your making an impression on someone who matters on your career path. Take advantage of this auspicious energy now because unfortunately, next month the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star could threaten what you’re planning. Do all that you can now to prepare for perhaps less lucky times. You are advised to display the Gui Ren Feng Shui Windchime in the SW and carry a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain.

An older person or mentor offers the student Sheep good advice and it’s important to take notice because it could play a positive role in your future. Dating for the Sheep will probably be more carefree than serious now, though if you’ve been admiring someone from afar, let them know because odds are, they will welcome your attention.


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