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Rooster With Dragon Tortoise

Price: $158.99
Price in reward points: 1908
Material:  Metal
Weight :  780.00g ( 1.72 lbs)
Dimension :  2.875x3.25x4.5 in (7.3x8.5x11.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX957741
Reward Points:  127
Availability:  In Stock
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When the Rooster and Dragon Tortoise unite in Feng Shui, they symbolize not only the achievement of victory but a victory that endures. The Chinese saying, "Du Zhan Ao Tou," featured on the accompanying plaque, translates to "to emerge as the winner in any endeavor." By welcoming this harmonious pair into your home, you set the stage for a consistent string of victories, regardless of the nature of your pursuits.

In the upcoming year, 2024, consider placing the Feng Shui Rooster with Dragon Tortoise in the East sector (#1 Victory Star's location) of your living space or even on your work desk. Doing so will help you harness the enduring energy of triumph and success, ensuring that you always come out on top in your endeavors.

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