2020 RAT's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Rat in the Year of the Metal Rat 2020

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Rat in the Year of the Boar 2020

Those with Zodiac sign Rat are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and 2020

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

There is some good luck to be found in this first month of 2020, but it will be a challenge in some areas. Tension arises from too much Wood energy brought on by the #3 Quarrelsome Star. It’s balanced a bit by the #4 Peach Blossom Star, helping relationships of all types. But this star can create a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times, especially for the younger Rat. Relationships at work are fairly smooth and it’s a good time to network and attend a business-related social event that could lead to an important or valuable contact. You’ll be very good at doing research regarding projects this month, so take advantage of this ability and don’t be afraid to share information with trusted colleagues.

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The student Rat does well in their studies and has an easy rapport with other students. They may find a new talent or interest that makes education exciting. Rats shouldn’t expect too much fire in their dating life now though admirers are all around. Take it slow and enjoy casual flirtations without expecting a serious relationship. The married Rat could be tempted to stray and should channel their romantic feelings into their partner instead, deepening that connection. Otherwise, the relationship could suffer. Carry the Marriage Saver Feng Shui Keychain.


2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Rats must use caution now, since negative energy is everywhere. Minor misunderstandings develop into major arguments and tempers flare – yours and those of others. Take care in what you do and say and walk away from heated discussions rather than trying to make a point. Irritations arise at work and your patience with others wears thin. Fight the temptation to criticize, though, since it will reflect badly on you. Gossip and office politics are likely and it’s up to you to avoid this. Carry the Apple Peace Hanging Keychain or display a figurine of a Bejeweled Wish Granting Rooster on your desk to “peck away” harmful comments or energy. Stay with what’s familiar rather than venturing into the unknown in career projects.

The student Rat feels stressed by their studies and may be restless. Engaging in an activity outside school releases tension somewhat. In love and romance, tension could dominate. Be careful what you say to a romantic partner since they may misunderstand. Even family members may be hurt by you unintentionally, and you could be overly sensitive to their words and actions, too. Keeping the Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Feng Shui Keychain close by helps keep anger at a distance.


3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

A mixture of luck greets the Rat this month. The major obstacle will be a weakened level of energy and more susceptibility to illness, so take time to care for yourself. Eat better, get more rest and avoid excessive or risky activities that could lead to an accident. Don’t risk being around people who already have an illness since your immune system is not at its best. Enhance health luck by carrying the Anti Illness Amulet Feng Shui Keychain. Display the Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s) in the North. At work, it’s fine to ask co-workers to help you meet deadlines or achieve goals if you feel you’re not in top form. They’ll be happy to help and with teamwork, you can still make progress, as long as your goals and projects are reasonable. To encourage business luck, call on the Pair of Golden Camels to help you grow your business and strengthen your career.

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The student has good study luck and could learn new skills or achieve more knowledge. You’ll enjoy the month with a balance of study and relaxation. In love, the Rat has a promise of romance. Singles can feel free to pursue someone they’ve been interested in with a natural ease. Don’t force romance, just take your time and let the person appreciate you. Those Rats who are committed find support and peace from a partner but must be willing to return this energy, as well. Carry the 9 Tailed White Fox Amulet Feng Shui Keychain for enhanced love luck.


4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Any darkness or confusion from the past disappears and your path appears clear. No one will be able to fool you or trick you into something, so your focus is good, and you are ready to take on new and exciting ideas that can lead to financial success. Others may see you as a leader now and co-workers will happily support you if you need them. This is a busy and fulfilling time with much to accomplish, so it’s good to know you have people to call on if necessary. Don’t hesitate to embrace projects even if they’re outside your comfort zone, and if you need to learn something new, it will be worth it. A big change is possible for you, including a promotion, a new job or perhaps a move to another location. Give serious thought to this change but know it could be very good for you. Happiness is near you so stay positive. Awaken your good luck by displaying a Windhorse-Boosting Victory Flag for Success Luck on your desk and carrying a Victory Banner Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to encourage success.

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The student Rat may be working hard but it will be worth it and exam luck is strong. Romance for the single Rat is exciting and could lead to something serious, possibly a soulmate. The Rat whose relationship could have been suffering may find that if things can’t be resolved it’s best to move on so you both find true love. Married or committed Rats could be tempted by an affair, so beware outside attraction and carry the Marriage Saver Feng Shui Keychain or keep Marriage Happiness Mandarin Ducks in your home.


5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – AVERAGE

While several aspects of the Rat’s horoscope show good indications, caution is still necessary to protect against negativity from the #9 Magnifying Star, which tends to take any bit of misfortune and turn it into potential harm. Tempers flare – both yours and the tempers of those around you – so watch what you say or do to avoid conflict. The good news is that work projects are busy, and the Rat can handle the pace but take a moment to review your progress to make sure you’re on the path you desire. Network but use caution since interactions tend to be tense if you spend too much time with people. It’s best to preserve a relationship rather than thinking you can court favors or friendships by being social now. Display Gold Apple with Peace Symbol in North and carry a Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Feng Shui Keychain.

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Students are busy with schoolwork and could find a new interest in education or a hobby that excites them. Manage time wisely to balance studies and social life, though. Love needs a boost from the happier side of your personality, so let your more pleasant aspects shine through. Singles could find someone special if they do this, and friends and family will appreciate your contact with them to brighten their day. Improve love luck with Bejeweled Wishfulfilling Pair of Mandarin Ducks.


6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Wealth and good fortune greet Rats this month, with an abundance of leadership and victory luck. This is due to the Prosperity Star and the creation of the HoTu combination. Look for an increase in finances and a potential windfall or payoff on investments. Naturally the level of luck depends on each Rat’s own circumstances but it’s highly likely that most will be looking back on this as a very favorable time. Awaken and activate this good fortune by carrying the Ho Tu Enhancer Feng Shui Keychain. You’ll feel very productive at work and be on the lookout for auspicious opportunities to come along. This may be the time for your big break. Teamwork will help you complete projects and others will look at you as their leader. Your charm helps draw people to you, many of whom can help you to achieve more.

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The student Rat is in a good education period and should use the month to think of the long term in terms of schooling and even beyond that. Happiness in romance is in store for Rats. Those in a relationship come to appreciate their partner even more. Singles will be eager to find a special someone but take your time and spend time with friends rather than casually dating.


7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

While some degree of good fortune is possible for the Rat, a great deal of caution is needed to bypass the negative energy that awaits. The #7 Robbery/Loss Star and the #3 Quarrelsome Star, both negative influences, threaten danger both personally and emotionally. Together, though, they create the fortunate sum-of-ten, so with hard work, some happiness awaits. It’s not the time to trust anyone completely – even someone you’ve known a long time – and you should guard your finances. A get-rich-quick scheme may momentarily seem appealing, but it’s too good to be true. Work alone when you can, trusting your own instincts rather than relying on others. An investment or plan from the past could come back to create financial harm now. Don’t let it derail your current efforts, though. Learn from the mistake and move forward. To protect against money loss whether from something you’re aware of, or from a burglary, carry the Anti Robbery Amulet with Blue Rhino and Elephant Keychain. Arguments are possible due to the #3. Walk away from a disagreement before it becomes a heated argument that could harm a relationship.

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Romance doesn’t go smoothly for Rats this month. Tempers run high – yours and that of your partner. Give your partner space to avoid getting into an argument you’ll regret. Singles could enjoy casual dating but it’s not wise to try to push for something more. The student Rat could be thinking of educational projects but must allow enough time to complete what you’re doing to avoid stress.


8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Good fortune is within reach for the Rat now. Your ideas are supported by others and opportunities arise that can lead to success. Gui Ren luck brings about these advantages so be alert to new possibilities and don’t hesitate. It’s ok to be a bit bold in your choices and decisions. You could be in line for a promotion or elevation in responsibilities now and even though this makes your workload busy, co-workers are willing to join in to help you complete tasks. When wise advice comes your way, listen. These words of encouragement could open your horizons. If you’ve thought of expanding your business or beginning a new one, now’s the time. But don’t wait too long, since doubting yourself could make you miss out on something special. Carry the Heaven Seal Amulet with Chinese Character Heaven.

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The student Rat does well in studies, possibly with the aid or advice of someone older and wiser who takes an interest in you and your future. It’s a good time for friendships in the young Rat’s life, and some will become lifelong friendships. Romance could take the form of online dating for some this month, or a well-meaning friend could try to matchmake for you. Don’t say no too quickly – it could be fun. And before long, a meaningful romance could come along.


9th Month (8th-October to 6th-November 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

It’s definitely a treacherous time for Rats, with negative energy from the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. Obstacles arise at the very least, and even more unfortunate circumstances are possible. Lie low and avoid risks of any kind. It’s a time to walk away from heated discussions before they turn serious, because what you say or do could be turned against you. To help tame the worst of the wu wang’s negative energy, display the Five Element Pagoda With Om Ah Hum (Large) in the North sector and carry the Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain with Om Ah Hum and wear white for a calming influence. Gossip and office politics at work could throw you off track so it’s best to work on your own when possible. There is the possibility of a legal issue arising seemingly out of nowhere otherwise. Put off beginning new projects for now and beware threats to your investments, since finances are not stable now. To protect you on the job, display the Power Ru Yi to help keep your reputation in good shape and free from anyone trying to undermine you.

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The student Rat will need to work hard in their studies to see results, which can be distressing for some. Carry the Scholastic Amulet Feng shui Keychain - Red to improve your outlook and give you renewed energy to succeed. Love isn’t favored for Rats, and it’s best to put off seeking a new romance because your heart could rule, when your head should also be involved to make a long-lasting relationship. If your friends or family have been telling you something that concerns them about your current partner, heed their advice this month.


10th Month (7th-November to 6th-December 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – GOOD

Whether it’s business or personal, relationships are fortunate now, due to the Peach Blossom Star. Camaraderie with co-workers and your boss puts you in the position to do good work, so maintain these connections. Don’t be surprised if even a former rival offers approval and support. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your supporters; this leaves you more time to accomplish tasks. With the function of your business running well, you can think more creatively about ideas you’ve had. With an increase in Wood energy, growth and productivity are favored. To encourage this, feng shui culture suggests keeping plants nearby, symbolizing wood, as well as calling upon help from a Wealth Tree, placed in your Southeast sector as you work.

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The student Rat benefits from the #4 Star, as well, with scholastic luck. Use the time to study more and look into higher educational advancements. Romance favors Rats this month and some people find a soul mate or take a relationship to the next level. The single could decide they are tired of dating and will look for a meaningful, serious relationship. Even if love doesn’t seem perfect at first, give it a chance. The committed Rat, though, must beware infidelity or temptation. An office romance would be a mistake now and could ruin a good relationship you already. Carry a Marriage Saver Feng Shui Keychain.


11th Month (7th-December 2020 to 5th-January 2021)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

Caution is needed by the Rat this month, with angry and negative energy arriving from the #3 Quarrelsome Star. Look for tension at work, where the least thing could make someone want to pick a fight. Be careful what you do or say to avoid offending someone – without warning a lawsuit could arise. Keep to yourself more and don’t try to solve arguments. Work on your own projects at work and steer clear of co-workers when possible. If you can, now is a great time for a short vacation to avoid the chaos. State your intentions up front rather than waiting and being misunderstood. It’s not a time for signing contracts, making deals or entering negotiations. Carry the Apple Peace Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.

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The student Rat would be better working on school assignments alone, because an argument with a friend could occur that would harm your concentration. In love, the Rat is not blessed now. Even those who are truly close to someone could say something they feel comfortable about, but cause anger instead. Rats in a relationship will have to be careful to not upset their partner, and singles are better off waiting till later to begin a new relationship. Carry the 9 Tailed White Fox Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to enhance love luck.


12th Month (6th-January to 3rd-February 2020)
RAT's Monthly Luck Rating – POOR

Extra precautions are needed regarding the health of Rats this month, with the presence of the #2 Illness Star. Do all you can to protect yourself, including getting more rest, watching what you eat and drink, and avoiding any risky activities, since accidents are also possible. Should you feel ill, don’t wait too long before seeing a doctor to keep a minor illness from turning serious. To keep the worst of illness away, wear a Good Health & Well-Being Medallion. Display the Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s) in the North. You could see your efforts at work suffer because your energy isn’t what it normally is. Be aware that someone might try to take advantage of this time to get ahead of you or steal your ideas. It’s best not to fully trust anyone and be prepared to defend yourself on the job. It’s not the time to take on new projects – stick with what you already have in the works. Look for money-saving techniques rather than investing in get-rich-quick schemes.

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The student Rat has lowered energy, too, and could find concentration lagging. Allow more time to complete assignments. Carry the Scholastic Amulet Feng Shui Keychain - Blue. Love and romance are the best aspects of the Rat’s chart now, with singles receiving attention from admirers. This gives a boost to your emotional health and provides some relief from work tension.


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