RABBIT's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2019

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in the Year of the Boar 2019

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2019 for Rabbit

Those with Zodiac sign Rabbit are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

The first month of this Year of the Boar 2019 begins well for the Rabbit, with plenty of new opportunities available. Your energy and enthusiasm are high and this helps you achieve success in ventures currently underway as well as new projects you may begin. Work will be hectic, in a good way, and if you feel you need help a co-worker you trust is there for you to help meet deadlines and ease the workload. Recognition luck is favored, which could lead to a promotion, more responsibilities, or a raise, though true money luck looks better down the line. It’s not the time to be impatient about money opportunities – enjoy the positive recognition you receive and even better doors will open in a brief time. Display a Nine Deities Invocation Feng Shui Plaque in the East and carry a Nine Ring Sword Keychain.

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Singles enjoy the dating scene now, flirting and being flirted with. It’s best to keep things light rather than feeling pressure to make a commitment. The Rabbit who is married or in a committed relationship could feel more comfortable with a partner rather than a deep passion but this is a good feeling and can make all aspects of life feel happier and more productive.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

This month is perhaps the most fortunate of 2019 for many Rabbits. Career, finances and relationships are all favored because the #8 Wealth Star pays a visit. Dream big, aim for your goals and with hard work and determination, the sky’s the limit! The energy of the month gives you great charm and persuasiveness now, so holding meetings or negotiations should go well. People support you and your ideas and co-workers are glad to help you. Trust your instincts and decision-making abilities and don’t shy away from something that might at first seem risky. If you believe in it, follow your heart.

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Students enjoy education luck so exams go well. Those seeking higher education find that plans go well. There is also a chance to enjoy free time with friends without endangering exam luck. Spend time with friends and family, though romance is also in line for Rabbits with an open heart and willingness to find someone special. However, the married Rabbit must beware temptation. An innocent comment or action could be interpreted as flirting and cause an argument with your partner.

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3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Rabbits will be glad when this month is over, because it is filled with way too much Metal energy due to the #7 Loss/Betrayal Star. Robbery, personal danger, money loss or betrayal even by a trusted friend or loved one are all possibilities now. Avoid trusting anyone completely now and watch who you spend time with to avoid harm. Feng shui experts advise carrying the Kwan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain or Anti-Burglary Amulet Feng Shui Keychain as protection against this negativity. Water energy helps counterbalance the extra Metal influence, so consider placing a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn in your East sector at home, and wearing blues or blacks when possible. Beware someone at work who could try to backstab you or sabotage what you are doing. Make sure you are as careful as possible with facts and figures, as well as meeting deadlines, so they don’t have reason to complain to someone.

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Not only work relationships but friendships and love relationships suffer now. Beware of arguments with a partner, since this could give them reason to consider straying. Walk away from a tense situation or your relationship could become damaged.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Heavenly luck from the #6 Star blesses the Rabbit twofold this month – which is a welcome relief from the negativity of last month. It may feel like an unseen hand is guiding you, and this could be exactly right. With a bit of effort, you can achieve many good things. Be on the lookout for opportunities and ventures that come your way. Sound advice and even a helping hand is possible from a mentor now – accept this blessing. You’ll be guided to what is right for you, and trust your instincts if something feels right. To magnify this good fortune, display a Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance or Gui Ren Plaque for Nobleman Luck on your desk at work. Carry a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain. Don’t hesitate to negotiate deals or sign contracts. It’s highly possible that others will see you as their leader and happily respect and follow you. Just don’t hold a grudge from an earlier occurrence. This is the time to be open to ideas and opinions from others.

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It’s a romantic month for Rabbits, with admirers feeling attracted to you. If you have your eye on someone, don’t hesitate to make a move, too. Those in a relationship might consider pampering their partner with a special love note, by cooking a romantic dinner or bringing flowers. It sounds old fashioned, but it works well now.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Unfortunately, positive good fortune from last month disappears now, leaving Rabbits exposed to negativity and perhaps even danger. The arrival of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star is to blame for this. It’s best to lie low this month, avoiding new projects, and postponing meetings or negotiations when at all possible. Misfortune could come in the form of money loss or even an accident or physical harm, so avoid risky investments and steer clear of dangerous activities or sports. Protection can be found by carrying the Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain, and displaying a Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda in your home sector of the East. Anything new – a move, a new job or getting married or engaged – is ill advised now. Stay with what is familiar and safe, since your ability to make wise decisions is diminished.

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Love and romance are affected by the #5 energy, as well. Rabbits already in a relationship must use caution against participating in a heated argument with a partner, which could harm the partnership. Temptation outside the relationship is a possibility, so beware encouraging anyone’s flirtations. Singles might want to wait to seek a serious partner until later, and jealousy or gossip could harm a new or established relationship. Wear the Blue Evil Eye Bracelet to ward off this type of harmful energy.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Two fortunate stars combine this month to provide good fortune. The #4 Peach Blossom Star and the #6 Heaven Luck Star are responsible and for even better luck they form the auspicious sum-of-ten. To fully awaken this luck, call on the Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain. Your charm attracts people and makes projects run smoothly and it could also seem an unseen hand from Heaven is at work for you. Use this time to network and attend social events, where you make new bonds or solidify ones you started previously. New ideas and technology could occur at work – be open to this and when in doubt, let the professionals take charge while you focus on your creative ideas.

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The student Rabbit has enhanced education luck from the #4 and exam luck is likely. Fellow students or a teacher could offer valuable advice, acting as a mentor. Carrying the Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain with you or placing the Education Pagoda on your desk’s Northeast corner helps fully awaken study luck. In love, expect happiness. The married Rabbit enjoys a partner in new and exciting ways while singles have admirers approaching them. Be open-minded to someone new.

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7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Tempers flare not only for Rabbits but those they are surrounded by, due to the #3 Quarrelsome Star’s presence. Watch your words and actions because someone could misinterpret your intent and in the worse case, even try to take legal action. It’s not the time to insist on sharing your opinion. Keep to yourself and lie low. To minimize the risk of a legal issue or heightened arguments, carry the Apple Peace Hanging Keychain and display the Gold Apple with Peace Symbol somewhere prominent. Wealth luck isn’t too bad this month but because of the tension around you, it will be difficult to focus on creating financial luck. Health problems could also arise, because of added stress. This is especially true of blood pressure issues. The 68-year-old Metal Rabbit and 80-year-old Earth Rabbit are particularly at risk.

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Student Rabbits feel pressure with studies and may miss deadlines for turning in a paper because of tiredness from the stress. Working alone rather than with others helps minimize the chance for arguments with a fellow student. Love suffers from harsh words or actions this month, and if necessary, take a brief “time out” to clear your head and calm down.


8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Rabbits will need to conserve energy and take better care of themselves this month with the presence of the #2 Illness Star. Eat and drink sensibly, pamper yourself, and avoid stress whenever possible, including eliminating late work hours. Even by doing this, a malady of some sort, whether a headache or other minor illness, is possible and must be tended to. Keeping your East sector peaceful is important now – free from noise or high activity. You can still achieve some success at work but will need to consider having help from a trusted co-worker. Make sure you check your work, too, since your focus is less than perfect. To fend off illness, wear a Golden Wu Lou or Garuda, and place other feng shui illness cures in the East. Elderly Rabbits would be wise to avoid sleeping in this sector for now.

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On a positive note, romance improves now. If you think you’ve found someone special, send them flowers, give them chocolates or otherwise make a romantic gesture. Don’t worry that you’ll be seen as too sentimental – far from it! Student Rabbits do well in studies but must pace themselves to avoid making mistakes or burning themselves out by studying too hard or too late.

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9th Month (8th-October to 7th-November 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

This month, clarity of thinking arrives for the Rabbit. It is a time of finally finding the path you’re meant to take or becoming crystal clear of a decision you’ve needed to make. Trust your instincts instead of asking others for advice, but don’t insist on your own way to the point of being stubborn. Be strong but humble and you can still be perceived as a leader. The #1 Victory Star is responsible for your success now, even if a project you’d put aside is brought up again. This month could also see a change in a job or a move to a new location. Keep an open and enthusiastic mind. The #6 Heaven Star is also in your chart and provides the wise guidance to make the changes that you need to make. Metal and Water energies open you up to opportunities – don’t be afraid, even in the area of investments. Display a Key for Success and Victory.

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There is a change in energy for love this month but it leads to happiness. This might mean deeper or happier times with your current partner, or it might mean changing the relationship or saying goodbye if you’ve thought of this for awhile. It’s all for the best. Student Rabbits enjoy study luck and receive positive feedback from teachers now.

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10th Month (8th-November to 6th-December 2019)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Good luck had already begun for the Rabbit and the arrival of the #9 Future Prosperity/Magnifying Star serves to increase this good fortune. It’s a time when plans for the future are begun and projects already in the works can come to fruition. Just don’t become impatient. Welcome small achievements as they are steppingstones toward long-range goals. You’ll feel encouraged by the milestones you reach, and others will pick up on the enthusiasm and be willing to support you. Don’t take on too much, though – focus on a few projects that are important, since you’re looking for quality not quantity. Place a Golden 9 Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda (L) or Yang House Amulet Feng Shui Plaque in the East sector, it magnifies chances for success. A promotion is possible since recognition luck is heightened. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself now.

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Singles might be feeling romantic desires but be careful not to get involved too deeply in a relationship that isn’t right. Married or committed Rabbits should consider carrying the 9-Tailed White Fox Amulet for Keychain to protect their relationship, as romantic desires might need to be grounded more in reality.

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11th Month (7th-December 2019 to 6th-January 2020)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

This is an auspicious month that overflows with opportunities, thanks to two positive stars in your chart. The #8 Wealth Star combines with the #6 Heaven Star to offer these blessings and good fortune. This should be a happy time for the Rabbit, so don’t let others or their opinions get you down. Much depends on the people you surround yourself with now, so make sure they are positive influences. You’ll be able to forge ahead with projects you already began but also look into new ideas. Financial benefits arise and investments go well now. Do your research but even if you don’t have all the information you need, proceed in idea form at the very least. The #8 Wealth Star’s energy can be reinforced by displaying a Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree or Assorted Crystal Balls on Star of David Symbol in the East and wearing or carrying the Mystic Knot.

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The student Rabbit finds it easier to gain knowledge and what is learned now can have long-term positive benefits in higher education or in a future career venture. Leave time for occasional hobbies or activities to stay balanced, though. Romance is exciting for the Rabbit now as long as it is a meaningful relationship and not a careless fling. Make the first move if someone attracts you – it’s likely to have good results.


12th Month (7th-January to 3rd-February 2020)
RABBIT's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

Rabbits must use caution at this end of the Boar Year, since the #7 Burglary Star will try its best to create danger and harm. Your Wood element sign is deeply affected by the overload of Metal energy from the #7 Star and although the #6 Heaven Star is also present, it creates more harm than good because of the additional Metal energy it contains. Your safety is at risk so avoid dark or dangerous places. Carry the Anti Robbery Amulet with Blue Rhino and Elephant Keychain or Kuan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet Keychain to boost your defense against harm. It’s not the time to take business or financial risks because loss is a main part of the month. All activities should be considered potential dangers, even driving long distances or taking a road trip. Check your work for accuracy on the job and be extra cautious about signing contracts as legal issues could arise. It’s better to make plans rather than undertaking new ones at the moment. Display the Anti Robbery Feng Shui Plaque or Blue Elephant and Rhino With Talisman Feathers and Anti-Robbery Amulet in the East.

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Personal relationships face tension and harm. Students could feel that a trusted friend has let them down, so avoid trusting anyone completely. Doubt arises in love relationships and betrayal is a real possibility so watch your back. Display a Marriage Happiness Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom.



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