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Pair Of Crane With Peaches and Bamboo

Price: $178.99
Price in reward points: 2148
Material:  Metal
Weight :  600.00g ( 1.32 lbs)
Dimension :  4x3x4 in (10x7.5x10 cm)
SKU:  MFSX958045
Reward Points:  143
Availability:  In Stock
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Embrace the profound symbolism of cranes, revered for their connection to immortality and renowned as powerful symbols of longevity and robust health. Cranes embody not only joy, happiness, but also eternal youth, representing the beautiful harmony of aging gracefully while maintaining physical vitality and mental strength.

Our exquisite pair of cranes is adorned with peaches, symbolizing a life filled with longevity, and bamboo, embodying resilience and strength. Enhance the energy of your space by placing this elegant Feng Shui representation in the Southeast corner, ushering in prosperity and well-being throughout 2024.

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