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Ho Tu Enhancing Feng Shui Mirror

Price: $82.99
Price in reward points: 996
Material:  Metal
Weight :  450.00g ( 0.99 lbs)
Dimension :  3x2.25x6 in (7.5x5.7x15 cm)
SKU:  MFSX958034
Reward Points:  66
Availability:  In Stock
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This Feng Shui enhancer mirror features the celestial Chi Lin combined with a Ho Tu Cross, unlocking the magical essence of the Ho Tu Cross and ushering in multiple benefits! Anyone graced by the auspicious Ho Tu combinations in their monthly Feng Shui forecast should possess this mirror to ensure the ripe fruition of good fortune.

Ho Tu numbers, the rare pairs found in the Feng Shui Flying Star Chart, merge Yin (even numbers) and Yang (odd numbers) energies to create powerful combinations. These specific pairings, 1/6, 2/7, 3/8, and 4/9, bring immensely auspicious energy to the sector they occupy. Each pairing offers different kind of good fortune:

- 1/6 Combination: Elevates abilities in literary, research, and academic pursuits.
- 2/7 Combination: Enhances money luck, potentially leading to a financial windfall.
- 3/8 Combination: Boosts power, authority luck, and promotes good fortune in career advancements.
- 4/9 Combination: Governs significant profit and business luck, promising prosperity and success.

Embrace this Feng Shui mirror to harness the powerful energies of the Ho Tu combinations, ensuring a year of abundance, wisdom, and success in various aspects of life.

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