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Flying Star 2020

Star #2 (Illness)

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Brass Fu Gui Siang he Feng Shui Wu lou
Beautifully engraved and auspicious, this brass Feng Shui wu lou is excellent for countering the eff..
SKU: MFSX819489
Brass Wu Lou with 3d Eight Immortals (L) for Good Health
Dynamic and conspicuous, this brass Feng Shui Wu Lou with 3D immortals makes a great Feng Shui produ..
SKU: MFSX936473
Feng Shui Five Coins Hanging with Obsidian Wulou
A healing, wealth and mentor luck charm, this five brass coins with obsidian Wu Lou hanging is serve..
SKU: MFSX932075
Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant with 12 Horoscope Animals
This intricate and beautifully crafted pendant features a polished chrome Wu Lou that is capable of ..
SKU: MFSX933364
Five Element Feng Shui Wulou Health Amulet
Intriguing and dynamic, this five element Feng Shui Wu Lou health amulet makes a dynamic weapon for ..
SKU: MFSX821392
Jade Feng Shui Wulou with Ingot Hanging
Accented with a Gold ingot, this jade Wu Lou amulet makes a fabulous charm for enhancing health and ..
SKU: MFSX929877
Jade Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck
High-quality jade is used here to form a miniature lucky Wu Lou attached to a keychain, a feng shui ..
SKU: MFSX931456
Medicine Buddha Pendant
Elegant and eye-catching this medicine Buddha pendant is a serene health luck charm. Beautifully det..
SKU: MFSX820211
Three Jade Wu Lou Tassels for Good Health
This jade Wu Lou with bright red tassels is an ideal feng shui symbol of good health and longevity. ..
SKU: MFSX934469
Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet
Exotic and ornate, this Tibetan longevity Dzi bracelet features the Chinese symbol for longevity and..
SKU: MFSX823013
Value Pack - 4 Pieces Medicine Buddha Script Keychain
Value-buy Feng Shui pak for the family if your maindoor or living room is afflicted by sickness star..
SKU: MFSX825383
Wu Lou Crystal Pendant for Health Luck (Obsidian)
A stabilizing stone, this Wu Lou crystal pendant for health luck in obsidian makes an ideal lucky ch..
SKU: MFSX716352
Wu Lou Health Amulet (Aventurine)
Radiant and petite, this Wu Lou health amulet in aventurine makes a convenient, carry-along charm fo..
SKU: MFSX711137
Black Obsidian Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant
A grounding stone, this Wu Lou crystal pendant for health luck in obsidian makes an ideal lucky char..
SKU: MFSX948442 (Sold Out)
Brass Sau God of Longevity Wu Lou (mini)
A solid mini Wu Lou featuring the God of Longevity Sau.  A beloved and well-known figure in ..
SKU: MFSX949078 (Sold Out)
Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou for Good Health
Lovely and lucid, this golden Feng Shui Feng Shui Wu Lou makes a beautiful longevity and good health..
SKU: MFSX948438 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity
The Luohan of Longevity with the crane bestows blessings of good health, longevity and harmony to th..
SKU: MFSX939858 (Sold Out)
Garuda Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant for Health
Powerful illness fighting is seen in this beautiful pendant, by means of the Wu Lou and Garuda bird...
SKU: MFSX939552 (Sold Out)
Garuda Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck
This keychain featuring a Wu Lou engraved with the celestial Golden Garuda Bird with the symbol of s..
SKU: MFSX937558 (Sold Out)
Goddess Kuan Yin with Garuda
A truly auspicious and resplendent figure, this golden standing Kwan Yin statue is a fabulous Goddes..
SKU: MFSX937673 (Sold Out)
Golden Metal Feng Shui Wu Lou Tassel
Auspiciously golden, this Wu Lou health amulet makes a great Feng Shui product for la..
SKU: MFSX946441 (Sold Out)
Golden Wu Lou with Garuda Keychain
Powerful illness fighting is seen in this beautiful keychain, by means of the Wu Lou and Garuda..
SKU: MFSX939884 (Sold Out)
He Tian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Wu lou Pendant
Flower motiif plated with 999 pure gold wafer graces this pendant and sealed onto a W..
SKU: MFSX946186 (Sold Out)
Hetian Jade with 999 Pure Gold Longevity Lock Coin Pendant
A traditional Chinese longevity lock coin symbol plated with 999 pure gold wafer grac..
SKU: MFSX945103 (Sold Out)