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In Chinese Art and Feng Shui practices, the horse is prominent. It holds a place of honor and is displayed in entrance halls and office. The symbol of the horse is considered to have such powerful energy that it should always be faced towards an entrance. It is believed that by doing so, the Feng Shui Horse will conquer any entering energy with its purpose and intent. Horses are symbols of conquest and success, as well as safety and security. They are held to have special properties of power and advancement and recommended for display in the homes of those born under the Chinese zodiac year of the Horse, as they are most compatible.

The two horses favored by Feng Shui practitioners are the Victory Horse and the Tribute Horse. The Victory Horse is often presented as rearing up with its head turned toward the sky or galloping spiritedly. The meaning and purpose of the two horses is as different as night and day.

  • Tribute Horse – A Tribute Horse is often shown laden withs jewels, treasures and depiction of wealth and is meant as a charm to increase luck and prosperity, as well as to protect the owner from bad intention. The Tribute Horse is a sign of humility and its origins lie in the practice of the vanquish acknowledging the victor by paying tribute to them. By doing so, they are protected from further harm and destruction.
  • Victory Horse – The Victory Horse is used as a symbol of energy, motivation and success. By displaying it in your office you are hoping to harness all the energies of the world, and inside yourself, to help you swiftly achieve your goals and to increase your opportunities.

There some statues and images of horses displayed that feature small birds flying down low near the hooves of the horse as it is galloping. The birds represent speed and grace and combining them with the horse’s perceived influence on achievement it is believed to increase success in business and career promotion without causing any ill will in the process.

Here are the Feng Shui beliefs about the placement and influence of horses:

  • South sector or corner of a room, on the desk - invites great reputation, respect among peers or even fame. This is considered a very good placement for those who are regularly in the public eye.
  • In entrance way or hall – increases overall luck in opportunity and reputation.
  • At work – thought to increase your ability to achieve your goals and excel past your peers with little effort. This is a popular luck charm for people in competitive work environments.
  • Facing a door – keeps the strong Yang properties of the horse turned away from you and towards the influences that can affect you.

A gift of horses is often given to those whose career is in a field that requires creativity and innovation in a competitive environment such as those in management, business owners, civil servants and creative artists.

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