Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2019 for TIGER


Feng Shui 2019 for TigerThe Tiger enjoys excellent spirit essence and life force energy – and this sign is one of only two in the zodiac to reap such a reward in 2019. Your inner strength and health are strong and bring about energy and ambition as well as confidence that’s needed to overcome any roadblocks or obstacles to success. Even though the #2 Illness Star is present in your chart, it’s overpowered by the other, positive, forces at work for you. Success is likely and popularity soars – both could lead to your being recognized and rewarded. The Star of Heavenly Seal blesses Tigers with inner chi and added help from co-workers. The positive energy at work helps this sign power through any negativity and emerge strong and successful.

Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2019

Home Location for Tiger is NE3 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers recommended to Horoscope Tiger in 2019
24 Mountain Star Left Facing 3 Killings This affliction brings 3 kinds of bad luck or losses. Place a cure such as the Golden Three Divine Guardians, Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians or Three Celestial Guardians Plaque in East and carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain.
Center Heaven Seal Place a Golden Four Heavenly Gods, Golden Deities Heaven Seal Crystal Prism or Six Heaven Gold Coin Plaque in NE to get approval from "Heaven" for excellent luck. Carry a Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Feng Shui Keychain.
Right Yin House Display a Yin House Mirror or Bejeweled Wish-Granting Red Tara in East. Carry a More Yang than Yin Feng Shui Keychain or Yin House Mirror Feng Shui Keychain to counter this affliction which brings bad news of a family member or loved one.
Flying Star #2 Illness Cures for Star #2 (Illness) - Place a cure in Northeast such as the 2019's Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha Statue, Brass Feng Shui Herbal Wu Lou or Brass Wu Lou with 3d Eight Immortals and Magical Objects, carry a Garuda Wu Lou Amulet Keychain for Health Luck or Golden Wu Lou with Garuda Keychain or wear a Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant with 12 Horoscope Animals. Hang an amulet in your car Five Element Feng Shui Wulou Health Amulet to suppress this sickness bringing Star.
Other Affliction Tai Sui Place a Supreme Wealth Generating Golden Pi Yao for 100 Kinds of Luck, Feng Shui Pair of Golden Pi Xiu or Brass Mini Pair of Feng Shui Piyao or any pair of Piyao in NW. Wear a Pi Yao bracelet or pendant to appease Tai Sui, remove obstacles and ensure a smooth sailing year. Hang a Pair of High Quality Jade Piyao Feng Shui Tassel or Pair of Jade Wealth Magnifying Pi Yao Hanging in the car to avert bad luck. 
Windhorse (Success Luck)

Very Bad

Enhancers for Wind Horse (Place a Windhorse such as the Bejeweled King Gesar of Ling on Wind Horse, King Gesar Plaque for Success Luck or Bejewelled Windhorse for Success Luck on elevated height, carry a keychain Windhorse Carrying Flaming Jewel Feng Shui Keychain, Red Wind Horse on Water Feng Shui Keychain or 2019's Magical Wind Horse Feng Shui Keychain). This helps you to be successful in achieving your goals more easily.

Spirit Essence (Inner Strength) Excellent Not Required
Life Force (Physical Strength) Excellent Not Required
Health Luck (Age) Good 33, 57 Enhancers for Health Luck (Place a cure near you such as Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s) or Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness Star in your home location, carry a Medicine Buddha with Wu Lou Feng Shui Keychain, Garuda Wu Lou Amulet Keychain for Health Luck or wear a Garuda Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant for Health), Hang a Feng Shui 6 Yellow Jasper Wu Lou Hanging or Five Element Feng Shui Wulou Health Amulet in your car.
Neutral 45
Bad 9, 21, 45, 69, 81
Wealth Luck (Age) Good 21, 33, 57, 81 Enhancers for Wealth Luck (Place a cure such as a Hooking Abundance Feng Shui Mirror or Wealth Ship, Auspicious Golden Apple with Money Toad and Ruyi or Brass Three Legged Toad on Wealth near you, carry a keychain e.g. Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain, Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain or Treasure Box Feng Shui Keychain). Hang a href="http://megafengshuishop.com/three-gold-ingots-tassel-for-wealth-jade?search=Jade Three Gold Ingots Tassel for Wealth">Three Gold Ingots Tassel for Wealth (Jade), Six Yellow Jasper Prosperity Gold Ingots Tassels or Yellow Jasper Prosperity Ten Coins Tassels in your car.
Neutral 33
Bad 57
LLove Luck Good The year's analysis indicates marriage and happiness. Those who have been long courting can expect marriage this year and the most auspicious months for marriage are the 5th, 9th and 10th months in the Lunar Calendar. Those single would meet their partners and fall in love. They are however advised to control their emotions to avoid entanglement while those married can enjoy a harmonious family life with events of happiness at home There may be occasional short term partings due to work or family matters but absence only makes the heart grow fonder. Carry a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychaina> and display a Crystal Ball - Rose Quartz in your bedroom to enhance love luck.


Green = Good Red = Bad Yellow = Neutral
Horoscope Protection Amulets and Lucky Charms for Tiger-born in 2019


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