Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2022 for HORSE


Feng Shui 2022 for HorseThis is the year for the Horse to make significant plans for the future. In 2022, the HORSE is immensely powerful, allowing you to overcome any problem. The Star of Future Prosperity is sent to you by the cosmos, improving money luck and bringing possibilities for long-term prosperity. You have the stamina and fortitude to take strong steps in any direction you choose, so don't squander these favorable energies! However, be wary of the Three Killings. Use Feng Shui cure to remedy your afflictions and activate your fortunate indications to maximize your good fortune!

2022 Feng Shui Must-Do for the Horse:

Must-have lucky charms for you: Sacred Resource Cow Feng Shui Keychain and Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Tiger, Horse & Dog

Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2022

Home Location for Horse is S2 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers recommended to Horoscope Horse in 2022
24 Mountain Star Left Facing 3 Killings This affliction brings 3 kinds of bad luck or losses. Place a cure such as the Three Celestial Shields for 3 Killings, Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians, Golden Three Divine Guardians with Implements or Three Celestial Guardians Plaque in the North and carry a 3 Celestials Protection Shield Amulet Keychain, 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain or 3 Celestial Shield Portable Amulet Keychain.
Center Yin House Display a Yin House Mirror or Yang Energy Amulet Feng Shui Plaque in the South. Carry a 15 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain to counter this affliction which brings bad news of a family member or loved one, and also health issues. Hang the sun-catcher 7 Chakra Faceted Crystal Ball Hanging near the window in the affected room.
Right Facing 3 Killings See above
Flying Star #9 Future Prosperity Enhancers for Star #9 (Future Prosperity) - Place the Teapot With Completion Horse, 9 Rank Badge Feng Shui Plaque, Yang Energy Amulet Feng Shui Plaque or Nine Deities Invocation Feng Shui Plaque or hanging the Parasol Dhamachakra Wheel Nine-Rod Windchime in the South and carry the Teapot With Completion Horse Amulet Feng Shui Keychain. Hang in your car the Nine Brass Coins Feng Shui Tassels to trigger this star to help what you are working on now to reap bountiful rewards in the coming year.
Windhorse (Success Luck) Excellent

Not required

Spirit Essence (Inner Strength) Bad Remedy by carrying an Om Dakini Spirit Enhancing Amulet Feng Shui Keychain, Spirit Essence Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Feng Shui 5 Elements Balancing Bag Charm Hanging, or wearing a Self-Protection Medallion Pendant or Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendant with Mantra (Stainless Steel). Poor Spirit Essence causes one to be feel inconfident, self-doubt, mentally weak and demotivated.
Life Force (Physical Strength) Excellent Not required
Health Luck (Age) Good

44, 56

Enhancers for Health Luck (Place a cure such as Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes, Brass Feng Shui Herbal Wu Lou, Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s), Blue Liuli Medicine Buddha for Good Health or Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou with Bagua Lid in your home location, bedroom and/or SW sector).

Carry a Stay Healthy Amulet Feng Shui Keychain, Wu Lou With Joyous Crane Feng Shui Keychain, Health Talisman Holder with Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health and Protection Keychain, or wear a Good Health & Well-Being Medallion Pendant or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet.

Hang a Metal Wu Lou with Five Chinese Coins and Bells Hanging or Five Element Feng Shui Wulou Health Amulet in your car.

Keep Anti-Illness Amulet Gold Talisman Card, Good Health Amulet Gold Talisman Card or Buddha Vairocana Gold Talisman Card in your wallet/bag.
Neutral 32, 92
Bad 8, 20, 68, 80
Wealth Luck (Age) Good 8, 20, 44, 68, 80 Enhancers for Wealth Luck (Place an enhancer such as a Sacred Resource Cow, 100 Blessings Energetic Deer, Bejeweled Wish-Granting Money Frog for Wealth Luck or 100 Blessings Energetic Deer near you).

Carry a Sacred Resource Cow Feng Shui Keychain, 100 Blessings Energetic Deer Feng Shui Keychain, Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand Amulet Keychain, Tree Bringing 3 Kinds of Wealth Feng Shui Keychain or Double Fish 'Always Prosperous' Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.

Keep the God Of Wealth With Tiger Gold Talisman Feng Shui Card or Increase Your Wealth Luck Gold Talisman Card in your wallet.

Hang a Five Jade Feng Shui Gold Ingots Tassel or Three Jade Feng Shui Gold Ingots Hanging in your car.
Neutral 32, 92
Bad 56
Love LuLove Luck Average Singles who are looking should get the Romance Lock Coin with Nine-Tailed Fox Mini Feng Shui Plaque, Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Aventurine Lotus Leaf (L) or Colorful Liuli Pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks and carry the Love Amulet With Moon Rabbit Feng Shui Keychain, Rabbit Peach Blossom Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Four Friends Talisman Feng Shui Keychain.

For marriage luck, display a Bejeweled Peach Blossom Animal - Rabbit or Marriage Lock with Double Happiness Mini Feng Shui Plaque, and carry a Love Amulet With Moon Rabbit Feng Shui Keychain or Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck.

Married couples should carry the Happy Relationships & Anti-Infidelity Medallion Keychain/Pendant, Harmony Lock Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Enhancing Relationships Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.


Green = Good Red = Bad Yellow = Neutral


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